The Night Before Christmas

     ‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a…’   HA.  Ya-RIGHT. Oh, they’re stirring alright (please refer to my last post about this situation). We’ve given up on feeding them in the defective traps that must have been made by an underground animal rights activist group. In fact, maybe if we stave off feeding them for awhile they WILL go away!!!


       The above is the cover of a book that I got for my son when he was a very little boy. Every Christmas Eve thereafter, we would snuggle up in front of the fireplace before I put him to bed, and read this version of the classic tale. Oh aren’t those little vermin cute in the picture? Rather innocent looking don’t you think?


Every time we would come to this page we would laugh and laugh at the cute little guy on the potty. Okay, they are kind of cute.


Here’s the whole family peeking at Santa with their soulful little eyes.


And finally the last picture would show the happy little mice gleefully waving goodbye to Santa as he drove out of sight. Then I would close the book, cup his sweet little face in my hands, and kiss my beaming little boy goodnight.

       I think I’ll go put some peanut butter on the Santa plate and stick in the attic. I’ll use the fresh ground kind with honey roasted peanuts. They seem to like it best.

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7 Responses to The Night Before Christmas

  1. Davis says:

    I guess a lot of us are writing on the “Twas the Night Before Christmas Theme”. Have a great holiday.

  2. kevmoore says:

    I believe this is the first time the character we know as “santa” as opposed to just St. Nick was dexcribed in detail, i.e. the big belly , red nose etc…unless you count that homeless bum in the mall.
    Just thought I’d drop by and wish you, your family and Lisa’s family a wonderful Christmas from me and Miki (who could easily get a gig as one of Santa’s little helpers) If she reads this, I’m reindeer meat.

  3. Susie says:

    We had the same book, I told my husband if he ever caught a critter with clothes on, not to tell me. We never have…..I don’t think……..Happy New Year

  4. Lisa B. says:

    Ya still got critters, eh? Maybe you should try a “live trap” and just turn them into house pets… or get a cat. A really big one.

  5. Have I “ticked” the two of you off? I see that I’ve been removed from your blogroll … funny, I’ve included the both of you on one of my new blogs!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  6. lbtowers says:

    Janet, I don’t know how that happened, but you are back on now. Sorry about that. We really appreciate you, your blog, and all your comments.

    Lisa, from pets to house cat, hmmm. That is downright serial mom of you!

    I can’t believe you had the same book Susie. I actually read it to our grown up kids on Christmas Eve as I still do every single year. They are nice enough to roll their eyes when I am NOT looking.

    And a Happy Holiday to you too Kev and Micki and everyone else.

    BTW Davis, great blog. I will be logging on to read you often.

  7. I had the same book when I was little – totally remember the little mouse on the toilet! Hehe… Good luck with the critters. I had some mice decided to make a nice nest in my swim bag last winter when I left it in the garage – it was a nice excuse to not go swimming for a while =)

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