Holiday Havoc

by Lisa


                      grahite on toned paper heightened with white

       These hands sort of reflect how I feel for the first few weeks of December every year. Like strangling someone. Maybe Santa. Since everything I do is an art form, Christmas duty escalates to a high degree of difficulty because it involves getting perfect gift boxes in the mail to my entire family. I have to shop for just the right gift(s) for everyone, they get wrapped with beautiful bows and bobbles. I dry fruit and beef jerky which go in the festive baggies. I make popcorn balls and Christmas cookies. Then come the Christmas cards that all have to include a picture or two. In a word…step aside Martha Stewart. Girlfriend I could show YOU a trick or two about how it’s done. And what fun would it be if I hadn’t  chosen the busiest day of the year to go to the post office with my stack of boxes so tall I could not see over the top of them.  I call this “Tis the season for a migraine…’

       This year was complicated by the fact that I had a french final last Monday night, and a ton of homework to finish for the class. Oh la la, I was glad to see that end. I finally thought I was done when I finished teaching my last classes on Wednesday night, and that I was going to be able to kick back and relax until after the holidays. I have several drawings that have been sitting unfinished for the past month, and a painting or two I want to get to. I have two books I can’t wait to read, and I also love to knit. But do I do any of those things? NOOOOOOO. Instead, I tell my 18 year old son I will throw a Christmas Party for him and twenty of his closest friends on Sunday night. OMG…what was I thinking?


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6 Responses to Holiday Havoc

  1. Lori says:

    OMG Lisa, first you got to ban Martha, she is trouble! Next do what I finally got the balls to do last year. “I don’t do Christmas Cards!” “I don’t do Christmas Eve anymore either!” The relatives don’t dare ask me any more, a few years back an artist buddy of me invited me on Christmas eve to go and look at lights and go for dinner. I left the stunned relatives at the Christmas Eve BBQ with their mouths hanging open, it was the best Christmas since I was a kid and Mom did all the work. They burned the burgers but somehow survived. My meal and the lights were great and I felt so wonderful playing hooky.

    Give all the relatives paintings for presents. Teach that son of yours to make cookies, at that age they can do anything. Lie and say how much better they taste than yours. Mine has been doing it for years. I hover sometimes and tell him he forgot the eggs but we can add them now and it will be fine. Or I don’t hover and they are fine anyway.

    Its his party, he should do all the work, you can lay back and give orders. He will know how to do a modern party so much better than you throw it on with a shovel! Good luck!

  2. Jala Pfaff says:

    Beautifully drawn hands! Was it from life? Good luck w/the migraine season.

  3. kimiam says:

    very nice hands! Can you throw me a Christmas party?

  4. The hands are fabulous! Bravo!

  5. Dar says:

    The hands are great. I choose to think of them as the hands of a passionate conductor. The tension in them is meaningful.
    I’ve said ‘I hate Christmas’ so any times this week, along with a few choruses of ‘Oh Holy $#!^.’ It’s a shame, because I love Christmas, just not the stress or the pace. Hang in there. Have some eggnog.

  6. paula v says:

    Please take a deep breath and enjoy these remaining days of the Christmas season. It’s going to come and go whether stressed or not or ready or not, so just let it happen and keep it all simple. You may even sneak in a painting or two. I love the hands, they’re beautiful….and Merry Christmas!

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