Not Yet

by Lisa      

       I thought I owed you, our readers, an update on my rodent situation (see the second paragraph of my last post on the situation).The rat, or many rats, just love love love the new peanut butter. The traps keep turning up empty every day.  It is a complete mystery how they are eating the peanut butter without springing the traps. One of our readers just sent in a comment to try an apple slice. Oh I’m sure they’d love that too. They’d get a good laugh out of that one since it’d be even easier to get a slice out than some sticky peanut butter that has to be licked out. This is clearly not working, and in the middle of the night, I can hear them up there planning a future.

       And I am a jumping bundle of nerves at the slightest provocation. Me and Peach both. The other day I opened a closet door and a wadded up baggy fell from an upper shelf. I screamed and jumped backwards and Peach dove into the closet assuming I was right. I assure you, Peach is on a leash with me everywhere I go. In the house. I think she’s getting a little tired of it, and we really need to reward her with a good dead rat-at least to sniff.

       And if I catch one of these suckers, I am going to hang it on the wall right above a table, put some peanuts on the table next to a jar of peanut butter, and a great big knife. Then I’ll paint it Chardin style.

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9 Responses to Not Yet

  1. Lisa – I can relate. Once I was having such a hard time catching one with Peanut Butter that I added a corn chip…still nothing (although I would see him running all over the house) after a day or so I added a chocolate chip to the trap. Dana viewed the mess on the trap and asked me if I had set up a mouse buffet. He’s a real joker, that one.

    I have always said that if mice would learn to walk instead of run they would live a lot longer – its that darting about that scared the wits out of me…

  2. Rebecca says:

    Let me know if this works. Every week or so, I hear something in the walls maybe, doing some very loud construction work…I’m very afraid!!

  3. Susie says:

    Just keep telling yourself, “I am not alone”. We have had the same problem….maybe you have mice not rats…the mice won’t trigger the guillotine on the rat trap… or maybe you have a bunch of baby rats… :( We usually use cheese, kinda smoosh it around so it sticks. Good luck!

  4. Lori says:

    You could always try what we do down here in Florida for the opossum in the attic problem. You play obnoxious music really really loud. The possums leave.

    It can be a problem with neighbors, they don’t like the music either and they don’t like the critters leaving your place and moving in with them.

    You ever notice how possums look a lot like rats? Big naked tail and pointy noses.

  5. lbtowers says:

    “darting about”, “bunch of baby rats”, “big naked tail”, are descriptions that are SO not helping me you guys.


  6. kevmoore says:

    I can’t help noticing you seem to attract many varied species of creepy things. Have you thought of changing your perfume?

  7. An effective method we used ended up causing another problem. My son went up in the attic and left rat poison pellets. It didn’t occur to him (or me who just wanted them GONE) that they might fall down dead IN THE WALL. (where they couldn’t be recovered and disposed of).
    My daughter, who hadn’t heard the nasty things scurrying around in the attic in the first place, couldn’t sleep in her room for a week until the lingering odor was gone.
    It DOES end the scurrying….. however.

  8. Hanging rat covered with peanut butter a la Chardin … that’s a painting I’ve got to see! Here’s hoping you catch one of those little suckers ….

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