No Rest For The Weary

by Lisa


       Okay already, I’m back. For all you slave drivers who have emailed me wondering where I was on this blog, I’ll have you know I have been a tad busy. I took the above picture of my weekend workshop to prove it. I was gone for over a week to visit my dad in Alabama for Thanksgiving(see my last post AGES AGO, ya-right). I got home very late on Tuesday night, taught my regular classes all day Wednesday, had Thursday to get ready for the flower painting workshop. Friday and Saturday for the actual workshop *heavy panting*.

       Yesterday, Sunday, was spent doing a ton of french homework (yes, I am sticking with it to the bitter end) and recovering from a headache brought on by the stress of it all.  Okay, it was complicated by the fact that we have had a rat loose in our attic. Could be an army of them. They are all smart enough to know that traps will kill them. At first I thought maybe they didn’t like the reduced fat peanut butter, so I went and got regular Skippy. Freakin’ foody rats is what they are. Nothing. Empty traps. And a LOT of noise going on up above with Peach the rat tracking dog, literally trying to climb the walls to get to them. We have big rats in California, and it sounds like they’re moving furniture up there.

        And here is how I discovered the presence of the vermin. We had just finished watching a horror flick on Thursday night (the night before my workshop which I was very stressed out about, and probaby should have watched the Sound of freaking Music instead) and I got up to tinkle. I was in the act of relieving myself, when all of a sudden, directly above my head, came great scratching sounds (similar to the sounds from the horror flick). There is a vent in the ceiling directly over the toilet, and I assure you, that in my mind’s eye, something horrible was about to burst through the open vent.  It’s not easy to run (screaming) with pants around your knees, but possible.  I know it surprised my family. (Kind of reminded me of the time the tree frog was in the bathroom stall with me. Why me?) I later discovered that my husband had been trying to catch the rat(s) the whole time I was gone but did not want to tell me. I assured him that that was probably NOT the best approach unless he had caught the damn thing.

        Today I think I’ll try freshly ground peanut butter with honey roasted peanuts from Whole Foods.

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13 Responses to No Rest For The Weary

  1. Ida says:

    lol! The roof rats are probably outside. Do you have a tree whereby they can reach over and explore your roof? A neighbor told me about his roof rats – so hence the info. I’m in central Ca, so maybe they are native to this area?

  2. lbtowers says:

    No-ho-ho, I assure you they are INSIDE the attic Ida. We actually found the hole where they are getting in. There is lots of activity on our actual roof as well with squirrels and crows, etc. I guarantee you I know the difference. So does Peach. Lots of nesting going on. And to think my son had a rat as a pet once. Blaagck!!!!

  3. Small world! We actually have so much in common … like you I paint flowers rather a lot, I’m studying French, and I have rats!

    Fortunately our rats are presently outdoors under the compost pile. They come out during the day and try passing themselves off as squirrels. But we are not fooled. First there was just one rat. Now there’s two. One big, one little. We do not think this new development is a happy one. If the rat is out there making whoopy, soon we’ll be up to our ears in rats.

    The neighborhood cat has let us down, too, I might add. All pose, no action.

    As to trapping, rodents are delicate eaters, nowadays, real genuine connoisseurs. If the Whole Foods peanut butter doesn’t work, I recommend Tehini — but good brands can be hard to find. So you might have to shop around.

  4. Barbara Pask says:

    Thank you for that great laugh, I don’t envy your situation. I’m sure it isn’t funny to you but really funny for us, your readers. Good luck, get those creepy things!

  5. lbtowers says:

    DUDE!!!! We have a compost pile too!!!! OMG! Are you my long lost twin sister?

  6. lbtowers says:

    Barbara, you clicked “submit comment” a fraction of a second before I did. I was talking to Aletha above. But I’m glad you find it so funny.

  7. Bro! Compost! Yeah! Reunited here! And you guys are all to thank!

  8. I guess that’s what you get for watching a horror flick.

    Thanks for the laughs, though, Lisa. I needed some extra serotonin this evening.

  9. Jala Pfaff says:

    “Foody rats”–hahaha! Thanks for making me laugh tonight. :)

  10. Lisa B. says:

    Use some apple slices in those traps. Rats like apples. Please don’t ask me why I know that. Good hunting!

  11. You know with a little mayo and some nuts, you could make them a Waldorf salad … they might like that too.

  12. Hate to change the subject, but the photo at the top is so neat by the way. What an exciting classroom. I wish I could walk over to that far wall and look at the pictures.

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