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The Last Piece

By W. R. Jones     Ohhhhh, I’m feeling crushed by guilt this morning.  Well, maybe not crushed; it might better be described as a squeezing or a light press.   I lied about that Vietnamese girl stealing my Tootsie Rolls.     I … Continue reading

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On Looking Like Sarah

by Lisa        This is how I usually look. What can I say, I’m a painter. But sometimes I want to look like Sarah Palin and dress in one of those nice little tailored Neiman Marcus suits, twist my hair … Continue reading

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The Worst Kind Of Thief

By W R Jones     This wretched little street waif stole my Halloween candy.  God damn it!  I chased her down the street but she eluded me.  She was really quick for a small kid carrying a 30lb bag of … Continue reading

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Big Timber

By W.R. Jones     Politics is all we hear now.  They talk about the war, the economy, the health care crisis, and how evil the opponent is, but the ELEPHANT in the room is ignored.  I’m talking about the global … Continue reading

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