Happy Creepy Crawly Halloween

by Lisa


       Here on Halloween, I decided to post a picture of a sample of my growing collection of creepy crawlies. Some of you may remember that I have an acute aversion to bugs, and that I find plein air painting very nearly impossible because the dreadful creatures live outdoors. I find it hard to believe that if there is a merciful God that he would have put the damnable things on this planet to scare, harass, and infect us, his higher species. What was he thinking? Could he have come up with a more clever way to feed the frogs than with mosquitos? And what is up with roaches? Was he looking ahead to television’s “Survivor”? Why couldn’t he make an edible rock for them? And ticks. That is one nasty little joke on God’s part.

       I don’t blame God. I’ll bet he sits up there and guffaws every time someone slaps their neck and curses. Must be great fun.

       The fact is, I am collecting the little buggers to go into my still lifes:

       Okay, I love the butterflies. And the other bugs are okay as long as they are stone cold dead. But I do not kill these insects for all you creepy insect activists who are going to send hate comments now. I find them dead already. And now I would like to take this opportunity to request that any of you readers who come across a terrific (god-awful) specimen, please send it to me. I will need to know that it is coming first so I can call a haz-mat squad to open the package.

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6 Responses to Happy Creepy Crawly Halloween

  1. I kid you not…I have a huge fly swatter collection on the walls of my kitchen. I’m a fly murder par excellent! Do not EVER watch the leech extraction scene from the movie “African Queen”. I do not believe a leech is an insect, but its just as creepy.

  2. ion danu says:

    A pity, Lisa, the still life is so minuscule! It’s on purposs? or you want to tease us?

  3. lbtowers says:

    Oh no, ion, I am not being coy. To blow it up made the image fall apart. Here is the link for the full size still life. Geez, don’t you remember it automatically? My feelings are really hurt: https://onpainting.wordpress.com/2008/04/03/in-the-nick-of-time/

  4. Rebecca says:

    Hey Lisa,
    Love your creepy crawlies…How come Bill isn’t in there somewhere?
    Thanks for your comment. It WAS fun doing art with my Mom, she is so completely awesome! I hope someday, I’ll be like her!

  5. You’re opening the door to all of us virtual crazies to send you screaming from your home….. Imagine … a package comes… Marked Jerry’s or Dick Blick or….. even that paint Nazi guy… you open it expecting some wonderful art thing you bought but NO… it is a giant DUNG BEETLE or some other lovely creepy crawly…
    What were you THINKING when you wrote this post???

  6. ivdanu says:

    Yes, I’ve seen the Dutch style floral now (wow!) Don’t be hurt (I know you’re not): I’m just and old geezer with a bad memory and problems of vision…

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