Blue Boy

Blue Boy” – 46″ x 54″ (or something like that) – Charcoal on Rough Damn WC Paper

Thought I would post the finished drawing that just about did me in (see my past posts). I’m not sure how big you all can see this if you click on it, but that is kind of important to understanding it completely. Because of the stipling effect created by the charcoal on the rough watercolor paper, the digital camera kind of freaks out and the pixels wage war on the dots. Consequently some areas do not look smooth in the reproduction here, and though I messed with the contrast in Photoshop, this was the best I could do.

I also thought I would announce here that in this time of economic crisis when 401k’s are dissolving into thin air, and unemployment is on the rise, I have done what any right-minded artist would do. I quit teaching. Well, you know what I mean–wrong-minded artist. After 10 years, I decided to at least take a break. Many reasons why. Actually, I tried to quit. My boss Buddy shamed me into continuing to teach one class until he can find a replacement for me, which he never will, so it looks like I will be teaching at least that class for a while longer. He’s not looking too hard. Buddy is a glutton for punishment. Perhaps a masochist. I thought I had managed to push every button of his. I have thrown temper tantrums over the simplest things. I have threatened to quit if my every wish wasn’t met. I even shot him the bird one day I was so mad at him and he still wouldn’t fire me. I gave it my all. Oh well. I guess I can do one class for a while longer. As long as every student behaves. If not, off with their heads.

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13 Responses to Blue Boy

  1. Nava says:

    “Charcoal on Rough Damn WC Paper”

    So – where do you get this special kind of paper, the Damn one?

    Wow!! That is one disturbing piece – and I’m saying this in the most positive way! It’s not yet another charcoal drawing. It’s so thought provoking, so expressive, so powerful and so brilliant, that I think it was worth the effort and the pain (Ha! easy for me to say… it’s not my back that paid the price).

    It won’t open to bigger version when clicking on it, and yes, digital cameras totally freak when they see texture and strong contrast, so I can only imagine its true glory. WOW!!!

    (By the way – thanks for the new phrase “shot him the bird”… never heard this one before!).

  2. wrjones says:

    It is a good piece – great design. You must have your drawing arm on ice for 3 or 4 days now.

    PS – please don’t suck down all the vicodin – I’m starting to have sympathy pains that will be needing treatment.

  3. Thought provoking, sad, a bit intense – all in the best of ways. Lots of detail there so I can understand your pain. Sorry you want to quit teaching – the world needs good teachers. But you know if it’s time to quit or not – and your students will let you know, too, even if your boss won’t. Maybe just slow down, take a breath, relax, enjoy the one class only for a while – it might be just what you need.

  4. ivdanu says:

    Tell me Lisa if you need ideas for more drastic punishements than beheading! (I’m from dracula’s country, you know…)

    On the other hand, it seems that, at least for the very big names (but maybe would benefit even not-yet- so-renown artist) the auction’s results are spectacular (people with money searching for better investments than speculationg at the Stock Exchange and all…) Who knows? Sometimes you think something you did (or happened to you) is all wrong and bad… and then some unforseen benefits appear?

    anyway, your drawing is quite rich (technically – even if I suppose it’s a lot more impressive seen in reality) and in a bizarre way very touching… I kind of feel the vague anguish of the little guy facing such a big (and cruel – but he doesn’t know it) world…

  5. lbtowers says:

    Nava, let me educate you further on the bird thing. It is a gesture of disdain indicated with the third finger only.

    Bill, I’ll give you a vicodin, if you make my picture clickable. Apparently, I forgot how to do that.

    Ivanu, exactly what auction’s are you talking about here? As far as really big names, and famous artists, don’t forget, I now have a moustache.

  6. Hey, Lisa..
    Your drawing is amazing. Who is that little boy? He looks so tiny and lost there in the corner but his pose seems to say he’s trying to hide it.
    What satisfaction it must be to have completed it.
    The school and your students will really miss you when you’re last class is done.
    But you know the saying… for every door that closes, a new one opens up.
    I hope you keep us posted on your blog.

  7. Barbara Pask says:

    This is fantastic work, you must have such patience. What is the plan for this piece? Just curious

  8. lbtowers says:

    Thank you Barbara and Marian. Now the drawing is clickable, so be sure to look at it in the larger format for the full(er) effect.

    Barbara, I am planning on doing a series, of drawings of this nature, and on this paper, to do a show. I already have three or four done, so I have a ways to go. I thought I would do two more, and then approach a gallery with them.

  9. ivdanu says:

    Damien Hirst, Jackson Pollock (now the most expensive painting in the world – about 150 million bucks is a Pollock!), and some Russians like Kandisky and others, all of whom got MORE than expected (well, bloody art merchants and collectors not the artists- Hirst excepted – , but still…

    Would it be Frida, then, with the moustache? By the way I’m reading a book The Art of Deception by Serge Kokis (a Canadian writer of Brazilian origin) about the big business art conterfeiting is…Very interesting…

  10. ivdanu says:

    Bigger, the drawing is w=even better…It reminds me some drawings (superbes!) by George Seurat…same kind of “grain” and deep black and subtle greys…

  11. Good grief….can you say masochist? It would have driven me to drink! I admire you staying power….I will leave that comment where it’s at for your always extremely humorous replies!! So enjoy your humour!

  12. lbtowers says:

    Indeed, I’m thinking about renaming the drawing to “Blue Boy by Blue Artist”.

  13. lbtowers says:

    Indeed, I’m thinking about renaming the drawing to “Blue Boy by Blue Artist”.

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