Rake Your Own Leaves

By W R Jones

    These miserable politicians, from both sides of the aisle, use every available opportunity to dump leaves in their neighbor’s yard rather than rake their own.  If I were king I would take them all out and shoot them down like dogs.

    I watched about 3 minutes of last week’s Palin, Biden debate before I came to my senses, shut it off, and stared at the ceiling as a more productive alternative.  A woman at the gym insisted I should watch it.  I told her I would try but I didn’t think it would be worthwhile. 

    My first problem with this style of debate was having questions the debaters did not get ahead of time.  And, what was the first thing I heard?  The moderator proudly announcing she was the only one who knew the questions in advance, WHOOPIE, aren’t you the smart one. 

    What is the point of unexpected questions?  This is not a high school debate contest.  The president does not have 2 minutes to solve national problems.  He/she has a staff of experts.  And these people mostly really are experts in their fields.  However, the problems are so complex that real experts disagree on cause and effect of various actions.  Let us have a debate where they know questions in advance and can come up real possible solutions or approaches anyway,  instead of “I will make things good – they will make things bad.”

    All you hear is two children bickering over who will have to do the dishes.  MOM, he did bad things.  No, MOM, it wasn’t me it was the other fellow.  MOM, do I have to do dishes tonight, it is his turn.  He is lying again, it is his turn.

    If I were moderator I would not let a candidate mention the competitor either in a positive or negative manner.  As soon as the words were out of their mouth I would cut them off and give that speaking time to the other person.  I WANT to hear how YOU are going to SOLVE the problem not what the other person has done in the past.

    So what do we want in a president?  I want only two characteristics – intelligence and common sense.  This can be found in black, white, yellow, male or female.  They can be actors, doctors, bus drivers, or housewifes.  There is some doubt as to how a person of any intelligence would want this president job but I guess it could be some sort of genetic abberation.

    This business of requiring experience is pure bullshit.  The experiece the politicians speak of is compromising with the other sleasebags on how to split up the pork barrel.


    I’m starting a series of leaves I find in the street.  I’ve often started a series in the past but my raging ADD has stopped it in its tracks.  I only get the first done (OK, started) before my next harebrained painting concept crowds it out.   Thus I have a painting collection the mathematicians might call “points” or “singularities”.  If I could just manage 2 paintings in a series I could have a “line”.

    And me – I’m voting for Sarah – twice.   I know beauty when I see it.

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20 Responses to Rake Your Own Leaves

  1. Dar says:

    You’d be a great moderator, equipped with a taser or a thimble.
    I love the leaves, nice depth of color. I encourage my neighbors to dump leaves in my yard, for compost and mulch. I like a nice, ‘liberal’ helping of them…

  2. I like these leaves, Bill. I hope you do stick with a series, at least for a few days. Maybe you could satisfy your ADD by picking up different colors and varieties.

    Your comments about the debate are one of the reasons I didn’t bother watching. Looking at candidates’ voting records, programs they’ve supported and past statements seems more instructive on what they believe. What a person believes does affect what they approve.

  3. Nava says:

    Nice series, Bill. Composition, color and all!

    As someone who did two serieseseseses (what’s the plural of series?) of 20 paintings of the very same subject (yup, I did – 20 full-sheet paintings of the same damn subject over 10 weeks! and twice!!) my vote goes for working in a series. Twice.

  4. Dianne Mize says:

    I like your leaves painting. Nice, rich color. The rest about politicians and the such, well that’s fodder.

  5. gypsy-heart says:

    These leaves are wonderful Bill..I feel like I could pick one up!

    Your thimble was very good too…brings back memories! I broke the chain my my family…I am so NOT domestic. We have the thimbles of my great grandmother, grandmother, and mother. I do not own one. :O

    As for the debate..I watched it…I liked it better on SNL though!!

    Of course, I am not speaking politically, and I mean this as in painting a portrait, but
    I am for Obama! You betcha!! ;)

  6. Nice leaves. I do hope you don’t close down the series with just one painting.

    Great points about the debate. You’re a smart guy.

  7. Lori says:

    “There is some doubt as to how a person of any intelligence would want this president job but I guess it could be some sort of genetic abberation.”

    This is how I feel. I don’t trust either one of them.

    I like the leaves, series are tough. I usually end up with three and a half paintings of a series.

  8. I’m with you. Sarah has my vote! What will us peons have left? Might as well be a truck mud flap babe. Paint four leaves and then cut in between each leaf and ya got a series, I betcha, wink.

  9. bonnieluria says:

    You got something really delicate in the leaves-

    Some kind of symbolic subject matter? Leave the country, leave the room when the ads are running, I don’t be”leave” the media whores, what’s up her s”leave” ( other than cue cards ).

    Your painting has my vote.

    I wish I COULD vote. We only pay federal taxes here but have no vote in the Presidential election. Yes, taxation without representation still lives.

  10. wrjones says:

    Dar – That thimble idea is a good one. Thump them in the head when they get out of line.

    Diana – My ADD has me picking up leaves, lint, plastic bottles, licorice, etc on a daily basis. Invariably when I go to pay my bill at the cafeteria it is the lint that comes out of my pocket.

    Thanks Nava, nice job on the spellinginging. Whoa – you have a complete lack of ADD – that is some focus.

    Gypsy-heart – you can pick one up. They are not heavy at all. It is not too late to get a thimble to keep that chain going. Then to make sure it continues you should have 5 daughters hoping at least one will carry on the family tradition.

    Thanks Connie, I won’t close down the series. If I have to I will use David’s excellent idea of cutting the painting in half thus creating a series.

    Lori – 3.5 is a fabulous series. I can’t get past the 0.5

    Brilliant series idea, David. She is a beauty. We will not see another such candidate in our lifetimes. And, she is winking at ME just ME. I’m giving her a vote per wink.

    Bonnie – I find your mind (as well as that foot) facinating. Even if you can vote you never know what you are getting. I think I should be made King, oh wait I don’t really want that job either. Could you just send your tax money to me?

  11. kevmoore says:

    Perhaps you have taken the first step in the rehabilitation of democracy, Bill. – by using “intelligence and common sense” in the same paragraph as “president”. If we can get it down to the same sentence, we’ll really be cooking.

  12. It would be even better if we could find it in the same person. But then if that happened, they’d be too smart and have too much common sense to ever run for office in our country.
    You know… I do love our country, but if any politician actually said what he/she thought they’d never be elected. If they by some fluke were elected and did what they said they were going to do, some crazy person would eliminate them physically or by conjured up smear campaigns.
    Unfortunately… as I look all around the world… there ain’t anyplace much better off!
    Be well, Bill…. You don’t leaf off much, do you?

  13. Susan says:

    What’s this about ADD? No way. No excuses. These leaves are a good start. THe concept rocks. So now how about some red leaves? Has your southern California weather gotten over its 100 degree days yet?

  14. Nava says:

    Hey, don’t under (or over?) estimate me. ! I have my own wealth of ADD which I’ve proudly developed over the years (hey, look – blue car!).

    These serieseseseses were done in a very unique class that made those who took it leap forward like um… very fast leaping frogs. (I know, I should have been a poet).

    (if you wish to know what drives one to do such a crazy project, it’s at http://navausa.blogspot.com/2006/11/going-beyond-obvious.html

  15. wrjones says:

    Kev – I was thinking, just off the top of my head you know, maybe I could become a Brit and be a spare Prince William. A party boy double as it were. Then I could ignore the policies of those big dummy colonists.

    Marian – I just looked at my stock losses – did you want to buy a leaf painting? I will be doing them in volume.

    Susan – you have a wink every bit as attractive as that Palin woman. Do you need any votes? Still too hot here for many red leaves. I found one but ruined it. I’d fly to New England or even Old England if I had any money to find just the right leaf. Good luck in your upcoming “Have the critics come to your studio weekends.”

    Nava – you really should write. I’ve never seen someone with such command of the keyboarddddd. I looked at your post linked here and you do make a good point.

  16. I’ll grant you that you’re a devilishly handsome old cuss, W.R., but SHE IS NOT WINKING AT YOU!! She is commencing to squint!! See my remark on Lisa’s candidate photos post.

  17. wrjones says:

    For CHRIST’S sake David – you really know how to mess up a guy’s dreams. Say, do you think you could do a tattoo of “onpainting” on your brother’s portrait? He would be a walking advertisement, and of course, Lisa is willing to pay a penny a click royalty. She hasn’t officially approved this business model, but she is so generous with her drugs I’m sure she will go for this trivial expense.

  18. Bill Sharp says:

    Nice Leaves, Bill.

    I think anyone who wants to be president of the US is either crazy or has an ulterior motive and should be disqualified from running.

  19. kevmoore says:

    Bill – I believe there is a school of thought that is rapidly growing in the UK that prince William is already as “spare” as his father. But I grant you, the job description “party boy double” seems awash with possibilities.

  20. wrjones says:

    Bill – what are you doing out? The last time I looked you had a lot of construction work remaining.

    Kev – is there some sort of application needed for party boy double? Could you use your connections so I can bypass that formality? Also, I would like you to play for the Halloween party I will be having at Balmoral. And Miki could do some large paintings of me on the fox hunt (no not that kind of fox) for the walls.

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