Which Candidate Would You Paint?

by Lisa

The Vice Presidential debate, fresh on my mind from last night, got me thinking. No, this is not a political forum for discussion here on On Painting, so I thought I would just talk about how I would pose the candidates for a portrait and which one I would prefer to paint.

Now, granted, Palin (can I call her Sarah?) is a babe. Face it. She is easy on the eyes, and would probably be more rewarding to stare at for hours on end. However, this does not necessarily make her easy to paint. I will say, unlike most people, she can hold a smile endlessly (she proved it last night), and therefore, one could paint a rare portrait of someone smiling. In fact, I am going to go out on a limb here and say she might even be able to hold a wink for hours on end. A wink and a grin. That’s how I would portray Sarah in a portrait. That could be very tricky.

Joe’s got a pretty good set of choppers himself, though his don’t look real. I would never portray him with a big ol’ country grin on his face. No, he’s more suited for a scowl. His eyes are not very big, and do not provide very good little windows into the soul so I would not be able to focus on the eyes too much.  I do think Joe is a hotty frankly, and I would paint him in a debonair suit from a low angle looking up with big columns behind him. It just got warm in here.

I always like to converse with my sitters as they pose for me. I think it brings out their personalities. Gee, let’s see who wins in that department?

That’s it, I vote for Joe – to paint of course.

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11 Responses to Which Candidate Would You Paint?

  1. Nava says:

    While I do not have the right to vote (to the dismay of many of friends here who are angry at me for not doing the citizenship process in time to participate in the November 4 big events), I’m with you, Lisa. Joe is much more interesting and reliable, with more personality and real things to offer.

    Um… I’m talkin’ painting, of course.

  2. Tracy says:

    Mostly I agree with you about Joe, but I must say that his comb over worries me……

  3. I would definitely paint Joe…intelligence is important to me and provides the spirit in which I would paint him. I might find it hard to paint an endless wink and grin and little behind it, although she is very attractive….oh and by the way…this is certainly NOT a political statement…just an observation from a struggling artist.

  4. Dianne Mize says:

    Certainly NOT her!!! I’ve always liked Joe and think he has an interesting face. But I’d chose him anyway because I simply cannot tolerate that woman!

  5. I’ll “second” the comment from Dianne Mize!

  6. ivdanu says:

    I could do a nude of Palin, after hher pageant’s days photos… though she seems to have a pretty good body still…(dirty old man, eh?) Cannot do the same for Joe…

  7. Susan Carlin says:

    Fun topic, and great reasons to “paint or not to paint.” That is the question. Whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous candidate debates or to take arms against a sea of troubles and by opposing end them. Hey, let’s oppose and end a sea of troubles, why don’t we? Spend the paint on Biden or Palin? Obama/Biden have my vote since Clinton’s not an option any longer, and paint’s too precious to waste on winkers.

  8. kevmoore says:

    A babe??? in your photo, (i know I’m being less than gallant here) but it appears as if she’s had some kind of stroke…

  9. She’s not winking at W.R.! Don’t believe that for a moment!! She’s starting to SQUINT! I tell my students all the time to squint to simplify the value range and details, and by god, that’s what she’s doin!!! I had no idea that she was an artist! She gets TWO votes from me!

  10. Barbara says:

    Do I get a vote here as a Canadian? When I paint a portrait it usually takes about ten sessions. The
    sitter comes into my living room and sits on the cat scratched comfy chair for 10 minute sessions, with 10 – 15 minute breaks for coffee, tea, cookies and talks.
    Sarah is supposed to be relaxed with the six pack hockey mums, so she might not mind dishes stacked by
    the sink, or a messy studio.

    But given the intensity of the project, Joe has more
    depth. He’d arrive in a limo, flanked by a team,
    but our talks would be fun. He’d pat the cats,
    joke around with my husband, and probably flirt with
    political discussions. I’m voting for painting Joe, and hoping Obama might follow suit. My decision is
    apolitical — just a practical, artist’s conclusion.


  11. Of course, the tailored suits really add to the effect. Joe Biden looked better than I ever remembered him to look and Sarah is a babe. She did win a beauty contest didn’t she?

    I can’t say that I am excited about the candidates although they all seem to be saying ‘change’ alot. I know who I can’t vote for so I have made up my mind that Obama/Biden are my choice.

    I liked your rules for the debate. I did think Palin/Biden was the most pleasant debate I’ve ever seen for its lack of pot shots, but I’m with you about the party line being trotted out over and over. Tell me what you can DO to change things instead of wasting the allotted time on the former.

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