I Love Technology, I Hate Technology. I Love Technology, I…

by Lisa

       My last post sure got some response particularly from women (see the comments). Quite the interesting conversation going on, and I have concluded that testosterone injections could be the answer. WAIT. Maybe THAT’S what Frida Kahlo did. She had a moustache.

  Frida Kahlo. Okay, I embellised a little, but I did not TOUCh that uni-brow.

       Moving on. This post is about how much technology and I hate each other. I have been battling computer problems for weeks. Nah. I have been battling computer problems for YEARS (I hear you Matthew). But the past few weeks, have been particularly bad with a crashing and burning computer, and then the inability to even log onto the Internet period. Yesterday, TIME WARNER came out to check the lines and figure out why a “ping” test wasn’t working on my modem. The guy tried to tell me the modem wasn’t plugged in. I tried to convince him that it HAD been plugged in, but I know he didn’t believe me when he plugged it in, and the damn thing worked. I argued that we had taken the modem back to swap it for a fresh one, and the TIME WARNER guy told us it was working fine, but that the “ping” test showed something was wrong with our line. Whatever. Fix it please and fix it NOW because I need MY FIX, or I’ll PING YOU!!!

       This is my excuse this week for my lack of posts. I was secretly riding the coattails of my unsuspecting neighbors wireless connection, but I was so paranoid about it that I did not want to stay on the computer for longer than I had to.

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10 Responses to I Love Technology, I Hate Technology. I Love Technology, I…

  1. Wow, Lisa! I “hear” you even though I kind of like technology. Except when my “computer lady” has made all updates automatic (yes, I admit that I’m BAD with updates). Now, I have damn little space left on my hard drive, it’s all taken up with UPDATES! Does it show just how MAD I am at her for it? I no longer accept the updates but they constantly HAUNT me!!!

    Lisa, you and I need one of Bill’s Good ‘N Plenty placebos so that we can calm down and remain cool! 8)

  2. At least for a while, maybe you were able to enjoy painting without the addictive pull of the computer, huh? Bet you got a lot done on the huge drawing project you’ve embarked upon.
    Although riding on your neighbor’s internet connection does seem like a good way to save….

  3. Lori says:

    Wow, Frida looks great with a mustache! How about a goatee too? Are they still putting her on all the ACEOs on ebay?

    My sympathies for your ailing puter.

  4. Kahlo looks a lot like Orlando Bloom in that photo.

    Testosterone injections would only make you unable to keep your mind on painting. Who needs THAT kind of technology.

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  6. MM says:

    *shrug* you’re doing your best. you just need new equipment.

  7. lbtowers says:

    …and a technician to show me how to work it…a cute one.

  8. MM says:

    i have someone in mind

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