Summertime And The Livin Is Easy?

By W.R. Jones

    This is a small 6″ x 8″ copy of a painting by somebody.  I don’t remember who and can’t find the original.  It is most likely T. Allen Lawson or Clyde Aspivig as they are my favorite landscape painters.

    I only have this to show as I was bucked off two paintings this weekend.  One threw me back two weeks; the other frog jumped and booted me back a couple of days.  I’m all creaked out now laying here in bed with my bad shoulder, knee, and painting arm. 

    I don’t know why I’m STRAPPED to the bed.  Maybe they are afraid I will jump up and injure myself further with bold brush strokes.

    I believe the word “bold” is overused by art teachers; don’t know how many times I’ve heard, “be bold, slap that paint on there.”  I never saw much value in being bold and wrong.

    Would you want your surgeon to be bold?  “Hey, I’m not going to be timid here.  No pussyfooting around waiting for test results and discussion.  Give me the scalpel.  Oops, I just made that swashbuckling stroke in the wrong leg – still, it was bold, don’t you think?”

    I received an email from a company offering to please my clients by painting for me.  Maybe I should have let them do my weekend pieces.   Fine, satisfy my clients, if you can find any.

    I say, if you are looking for business in the US, why don’t you mosey on down to the Olympic Stadium to find someone with at least some grasp of English to write your ad.

    All I want from you is an opium pipe, a quiet room, and a small order of sweet and sour chicken.

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6 Responses to Summertime And The Livin Is Easy?

  1. Nava says:

    Aha – so you got that email too? tears veil my eyes when I think of what kind souls they are, to offer such comfort for us busy painters who are sooooooooooo busy pushing away all those herds of clients, eh?

    Get better soon. The least they can do for you is loosen those straps.

  2. bonnieluria says:

    Bold is fine- so long as it’s accurate! Recall the classic tomahawk throw by Ed Ames on Johnny Carson some years ago:

    Copy or no, it’s a lovely painting. Can’t wait to see the serenity of the next one after the opium….

  3. I hope you dont get bed sores.
    That is a gem of a painting there.
    Is that the email where they even showed the room of painters working away? Bet they cant tell a story like you can.

  4. wrjones says:

    Thanks, Nava – I hope they loosen them soon, I have to pee like a racehorse.

    Bonnie – I watched that original show. Ow! Yep, I’m all mellow here, there won’t be any hard edges in my next work.

    Frank, I didn’t follow the links to see if they led to the room of painters but I expect they did. I’d really like to visit that factory. I can imagine they have some very skilled technical painters with all that practice drawing, matching colors, and applying paint. Then I would guess most of them go home at night not wanting to do another stroke; kicking back and watching the badminton matches. But, there would be a few that go home to do their own paintings – I would like to see those.

  5. I’ve told the tropical foot lady that you are one twisted, artiste. I think it might be the cadmium colors you are painting with.

  6. wrjones says:

    Damn it, David, I had her convinced I was a Nobel prize winning scientist. As a kid who ate his crayons I kept up the practice when I moved to oil paints. Cad red light on fries is a favorite. Do you think this might affect my mental processes?

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