By WR Jones


    38-22-38   This is a symbolic painting.  If you men can’t figure out the symbolism here, better toodle on down to your doctor and get checked for a testosterone leak.

    Of course, all painting is symbolic in a sense.  When you paint a tree you have a symbol of a tree.  I like to get the trees looking so real Mango lifts his little leg and gives his blessing.  Or, he could simply be expressing his opinion, I guess.

    I don’t like the symbolism where this thing represents that and that thing represents the other,  there is something doofus about having a spoon stand for a woman and the sugar bowl represent that time dad whipped your ass for throwing rocks at the neighbor’s cat. 

    Maybe it is because I can never figure out what the hell the author/painter is trying to say.  Why can’t they just tell me what the devil they mean?   I don’t like poetry for the same reason.  Mostly I don’t get it.  I think those uppity people who defend poetry don’t get it either.  Their little scattered brains make up some meaning that they think is crystal clear, but really is not close to what the author had in mind.   Ya, ya, ya,  there is some poetry that is succinct and beautiful.  Those poems are as rare as uplifting stories on the gloom monger newscasts.  Finding them is like playing the lotto for retirement funding.

    Speaking of uplifting – I was watching a piece on TV Sunday that showed a clip filmed by an Iraqi sniper team as they waited for an American National Guard medic to turn so they could shoot him.  They shot him in the chest with the bullet taking off his tumbnail on the way in.  It knocked him down but his body armor saved him.  He jumped up and ran behind his vehicle to direct fire on the Iraqis.   The American unit chased the sniper team.   One of them escaped but the shooter was wounded; they followed his blood trail and captured him.  THEN, then, the medic he had shot treated the Iraqi’s wounds.

    Wow, I can’t imagine having the discipline and humanity to treat someone who had just shot me.  I would want to kill him and his momma for having him.   I’m betting you never saw this story on a newscast.  You probably saw a story where some child was blown up, woman raped, eggs sucked, etc.

    This painting has a fairly dark background like those Lisa likes so much – take a suck a that, Leffel.

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8 Responses to 38-22-38

  1. Rhonda says:

    Well, Bill, I don’t have to worry about too much testosterone because all I can come up with is that the bullets are 38 – 22 – 38 in a row. Of course, at first I thought you were representing your perfect woman and her perfect measurements – perhaps Dolly Parton but, no, I think that is too small for Dolly.
    Whatever it means – it’s a good painting and I like it because it isn’t the usual still life painting. Makes you think, but not so much that you get a headache :)

  2. wrjones says:

    Thanks, Rhonda – I think you have helped make my point. What the painter/writer thinks is very clear is mud to everyone else.

  3. lori says:

    Ummm, Battle of the Sexes?

    Lets see, green ribbon, envy? Red thread, passion? Bullets, violence? Thread of life? Its red so its going to come to a violent end? One bullet standing up, sex? There’s a shaft of light illuminating the ribbon and bullets. That tunnel of light some people are supposed to see when they almost die?

    Thread is woman, she has the ribbon too, jealous of the bullets, of man’s strength?

  4. wrjones says:

    Lori, you are giving me goose-bumps. Are you some kind of medium? I know my future looks bleak but can you tell me just how steep the downhill is?

  5. lori says:

    No no your future looks bright to me, if the shaft of light was blue, that would be bad. And that red thread and upright bullet, looks like you are still pretty frisky.

    Hmmm, maybe I should be a medium, selling fortunes might be more profitable than selling paintings! :oD

  6. bonnieluria says:

    I need to watch more CSI and Law and Order. I thank the ball-istics experts on your comment page for pointing out the specifics.
    Excellent job, readers.

    A pretty terrific painting too- what a mind!

  7. That’s what I like about you WR!…you’re a straight shooter!!

  8. wrjones says:

    Lori – you are my medium now, but I only want to hear the good news, save the bad for your husband.

    Bonnie – I like your word play. I dig you, and your backyard if I get a chance. Some 16th century pottery would make a good still life.

    David – I’m not sure of your definition of straight shooter. With a pistol I shoot like a mercury poisoned Parkinson’s patient on speed, and the first words out of my mouth as a toddler were a lie.

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