Rembrandt Who?

by Lisa

       The above is a picture of a Rembrandt etching. On the cruise we went on, there was an art gallery that had a lot of really colorful artwork, and since the ship had a Renaissance theme going, they had several (really-out- of-place-in-the-colorful-work) Rembrandt “etchings”. How authentic they were I don’t know. Etchings are still being made today from those old plates, and I don’t know what that does to the authenticity. At any rate, there was a little contest going in the art gallery to guess the value of one of the etchings. This, of course, was a ploy to rope you into other events in the gallery because you had to put your cabin number on your entry form and you got lots of mail delivered to your room as a result. But I did place my guess and having remembered once that I had seen some etchings at the Fine Art Dealers Show, and was surprised by how cheap they were, I guessed at $30,000 (the range they established was $5000 to $200,000). I don’t know what happened to the contest, because I forgot to show up when the winner was announced, and you had to be present to win. I think the surprise you got was a Thomas Kinkaide print. My loss.

      A few days went by, and my husband and I got off the ship at Mazatlan to check out the town. A young couple (VERY young – Chase barely 20, and Ashley 18, and they have been married a year!!!!!) struck up a conversation with us on the trolley from the ship to the exit from the port. They had rented a car to sightsee in, and wondered if we would like to go with them. We took them up on the offer. At one point, in the insanity of the chaotic streets of Mazatlan and between my shrieks as we swerved to miss cars and pedestrians, the kids asked me what I do for a living. I was very impressed by this mature question considering my son is their age, and would never think to ask this, but then again, he has not been married for a year. I told them I was a painter. This sparked a conversation about the art gallery on the ship, and they told me that they were the lucky winners of a framed masterpiece of art. They wondered what I thought of the quality of the work in the gallery. I said, “Well, interestingly enough, they do have some supposed Rembrandt etchings”.  Chase responded, and I quote: “Is he an artist?”. It took me a moment to find the correct words to use that would not make him sound like a complete idiot. But before I got them out of my mouth he answered himself.  “Oh that’s a toothpaste isn’t it?” And I will leave you with that thought.



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7 Responses to Rembrandt Who?

  1. grfxho says:

    At work we were lamenting that Bo Diddly died. One of the 20-somethings who is supposedly a “music connoisseur” said “Bo who? Is he an athlete?”

    Kids these days!

  2. LOL… LOL again.
    Loved the fun ship “not” post as well.

  3. Dianne Mize says:

    Between the toothpaste and the supposed Kincade print, how could you lose? As we say here in the south, Good Lord!

  4. silvina says:

    He dissed Remi! That’s fine art sacrilege!

  5. Rembrandt was known for his extraordinary dental hygiene. That’s why they named a toothpaste after him! The young whipper snapper you rode with should know this. Yeah, yeah, and that old dutchman did some paintings…I think.

  6. Whoa. That’s pretty amazing, and actually very funny. I can’t help but wonder what these kids do for a living that they can afford to go on a cruise. Maybe they sell toothpaste?

    I used to see those Rembrandt etchings at sales when I was in art school (back in the dark ages). They were always amazingly affordable, even for a poor art student. I was tempted but always needed cash for more important things like supplies… or food.

    The original plates couldn’t possibly still be viable now for making prints. The prints we’ve seen are most likely made from secondary plates.

  7. Don Gray says:

    I guess Rembrandt is a generational thing.

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