The Fun Ship – NOT!!!

by Lisa

       Now for a quick review of my cruise. My husband and I took our newly graduated-from-high-school son and two of this newly graduated friends as a graduation gift to our son. If you can imagine, it cost a heap of money for this little vacation, but we knew it would be worth it for all the fun it would be for these three boys. It would be something they would remember for a lifetime. As it turns out, what it would seem they will remember will be the great degree of boredom that was forced down their throats in the confines of a ship without their wheels to make them look especially cool. The three bachelors had big designs on entertaining in their room (we had to pay extra to get them the “way cool” balcony room) and that just did not happen for three shy 18 year old boys. Mind you at 18, they are scared to death of any girls younger than them as they are “illegal” as they put it. Granted, an awkward age if you are looking for sex. Which they were. In great amounts. That and alcohol. They were delighted that they were of legal drinking age in Mexico. Had great fun at the ports apparently. However, did you know that when alcohol is substituted for water in a water bottle, and Security shakes it, it bubbles unlike water does? Neither did they. But they learned. The hard way.

     And back to the happy place. The Carnival “Fun” ship that we were on–The Pride–had a Renaissance theme to it which I found very entertaining. Why there were poor reproductions all over that ship that at least reminded me of the great masters. There were even huge riskee nude murals of Renaissance women “playing with themselves” as one of the comedians put it. Most amusing. I really wondered about conversations parents had with their young children on board about some of these depictions. “Well honey, her hand is there because she is hiding her privates…of course she’s embarrassed…the smile on her face?…LOOK, a dolphin just jumped clean out of the water…”.

        There was even a large reproduction of the David in the special dining room named after him. Here is a picture from the elaborate winding staircase up to it. (Yes, the whole ship was this gaudy.) It was very popular to have your picture taken directly beside it and only capturing the statue up to the hips (if you know what I mean). Okay. I stooped that low too, but at least I will not print it here.

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4 Responses to The Fun Ship – NOT!!!

  1. lori says:

    Good Grief! Is David PINK?

  2. lbtowers says:

    Well I got a good laugh out of that comment Lori, but no, it is just my laziness to color correct the photo before posting it. Although I will say, it would be right in keeping with the decor of the ship to go ahead and pink the David up.

  3. Dianne Mize says:

    bill and Lisa, listen up. Go to my blog and receive your Arte y Pico Award.

  4. Oh my!!
    I just don’t know what to say!!!
    I’ve been on some gaudy overdone cruise ships but that one takes the cake.
    Congrats on your son graduating from high school. Did all of his college $$$ get spent on that trip??

    You know what… enjoys these vacations together as long as you can get them to come with you… Good for you!

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