On Being A Painter

by Lisa

       As a response to my last post (you are all ARE reading the comments aren’t you?), Diane Mize suggested that I paint more and teach less. A wise suggestion if I do say so. However, I think I could simplify it to–I need to paint more. I only spend a total of about 11 hours teaching right now. If I have four classes it goes up to about 15 or 16.

       Part of the problem is this: teaching requires that you be in class during specific hours. Painting has no specific hours.  Painting requires that you not stop at the store, Starbucks and the bank before getting to the studio; that you not play tennis if someone calls you the night before and asks you to; that the phone call to your best friend in Miami can wait; that you not walk the dog twice around the park even if she gives you that puppydog look with those sad eyes; that you NOT post on your blog; that you overcome some OCD issues like making the bed (spiders crawl into an un-made bed during the day, talking to the roses (they’ll be gone by sundown if you don’t); picking caterpillars off the vegetable plants (with gloves-leather) and on and on and on. OR get up at 3 in the morning to do all these things.

       In other word, being a painter requires discipline. YIKES. That word scares me. How can I change this pattern that is hurting my career? I know. Maybe I will set up a studiocam at my studio and link it to this blog, and you guys can check in on me each day at a certain time. I’ll get in at say 9:00, turn on that camera and wave to you all. You would have to indulge me though, because if no one commented that they had seen me, it won’t work. I will be testing you. Maybe I’ll wear an old prom dress and see if anyone notices. I can slash a painting and you tell me which one it is. OR you can tell me WHAT I GOT DONE FOR THE DAY. I can hear the comments now: “Nice job Lisa, you got a long way on that stem today…love the prom dress”.

       What do you think?


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11 Responses to On Being A Painter

  1. wrjones says:

    That studio cam is not a bad idea as your ideas go. Is it possible on wordpress?

  2. 100swallows says:

    Oh, honey, set up that camera and put on the prom dress. I’ll be there every morning at nine to tell you right from wrong.

  3. lori says:

    Have Bill teach your class more often and paint while he is teaching. Direct all questions to him. No questions allowed from the peanut gallery till you are finished painting! Look mean and grouchy when you say no questions! Not cute and perky like your photo.

    Give the kids brutal critiques when you are finally ready to speak to them.

    Soon all students will give up and you can just paint.

  4. 100swallows says:

    Sorry, Lisa. I meant that I would help with your discipline. I myself teach and I know how much time it robs from a working day, just a couple hours of it.

  5. Dianne Mize says:

    I was the hot shot that started all this. (By the way, Lisa, there are two “n’s” in my particular name.) So have you heard of davethepaintingguy.com? Bill won’t approve but what dave does would keep you honest. Just decide when you’re gonna be painting, announce it by e-mail to three zillion folks and you’re in business. Show up on time, paint while your audience chats about Scotch and martinis (just like regular teaching), say goodnight and that’s it. You’ve painted, you’ve taught, you’ve been ever so good and you didn’t see a single student.

  6. Although I know that we students are occasionally a pain in the butt, we DO enjoy it when we’re in your class, so I hope you don’t end up making your fortune SOLELY by painting. Squeeze a bit of teaching in there too… you’re good at it .. Consider it your contribution to world good.
    Besides…. I looked at Dianne Mize’s website… She’s a wonderful painter AND a teacher as well!

  7. Put those sunglasses back in their case, toss the car keys , take the handbag off your shoulder, wipe that smile off your face, and start painting!…now!!

  8. wrjones says:

    That’s it David, none of this mollycoddling. Stop whining and paint, Lisa.

    Lisa is on a cruise vacation with her family so we most likely won’t hear from her until next week. It’s quite relaxing around here without her shrill barking to keep the lid on the turp can, and the lids off the paint tubes. She is SO peculiar.

  9. I like the prom dress idea, for sure. Maybe you could just model vintage clothes and it would be interesting enough for many of us. If you got around to painting, that would be a bonus.

    I think life is like that for many of us who wear several hats. Painting instead of sleeping or eating works for awhile, but not day after day. Something has to be sacrificed. I happily forgo housecleaning to have a little more time to paint.

    Dave the Painting Guy is David R. Darrow, a very fine artist. Because we’re on dial-up, I don’t get to see him live, but I’ve seen some of the recorded painting sessions. David is amusing, engaging and paints well.

  10. Dianne Mize says:

    Dave is indeed a very fine artist and his relaxed manner creates an easy, non-threatening environment for viewers. Sometimes I wish viewers were paying closer attention to what he’s doing and saying, but his program is similar to a workshop situation–some are paying attention, soaking in every word; others are entertaining one another. We teachers are highly accepting of our students’ undivided attention.

  11. Rebecca says:

    Holy sh*# Lisa! I can’t believe I didn’t see this post before! We ARE a lot alike! Tell you what. I’ve got a new Dell Mini that I carry down to my studio. It has a cam. We can do this together! We don’t have to alone procrastinating…there is strength in numbers. Accomplish larger amounts of nothing in less time. AWESOME!

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