Lost Love, Loneliness, Memories Of Her Caress

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12 Responses to Lost Love, Loneliness, Memories Of Her Caress

  1. Thanks for commenting on my royal poinciana painting! I am enjoying your blog, started reading it from the top instead of the bottom, I am hopelessly confused but curious. I think I will go back in time for awhile.

    Interesting painting there, what happened, is someone mad at roses and shot them or her @@ ? Too much sphere painting?

  2. lbtowers says:

    Bill, for once you’re speechless?

  3. 100swallows says:

    Are those 22 longs, Bill? I haven’t seen them in years. I too remember the caress of my old rabbit gun. Ah, the days!

  4. grfxho says:

    Bill has gotten dramatic in his old age.

  5. wrjones says:

    Lori – This blog has no basis in logic so leaving here confused is a sign of mental heath.

    Yes Lisa – sometimes I’m a quiet reflective spiritual man. This is generally when I’m asleep.

    Frank – I have to do it. I’m going to kill that BITCH. I warned her time and again. Or, I was going to kill her until I watched that program on animal cruelty. Now I think I will just have a talk with her to see if I can convince her to stop peeing on my favorite soft petal roses. I’m talking about the neighbor’s dog, of course.

    Swallows – that is a 22LR. I recently found a place to buy shorts so I can shoot in the house (ssshhhh – I don’t think my wife will approve).

    Grfxho – You’ll think dramatic when that dog pees on your roses.

  6. Oh, cool. I thought you were going to shoot yourself. Fire away.

  7. wrjones says:

    It is a done deal, Frank. Here’s what I learned. If you are heading out the door to shoot the neighbor’s dog, keep the safety on while you are still in the house. And, don’t try to pick up that peanut butter sandwich with the same hand that is holding the rifle. And finally, did you know that shooting yourself in the foot is not necessarialy fatal? I wrapped that sandwich around the wound to staunch the bleeding until help arrived.


  8. gypsy-heart says:

    I am afraid to ask about the story behind this piece! There are some things best left unsaid..eh?

    Good work though…you know I love roses! I’ll let your passion for weapons remain a mystery! :)
    Just don’t go V.V.Gogh on us! :O

  9. wrjones says:

    Yes, Gypsy, it is a story that must remain untold. I promise not to cut off an ear. I am going to trim my fingernails. Would that make me eccentric enough to help my work sell?

  10. grfxho says:

    As my hippie friend likes to say “urine is natural and clean–embrace your urine!”

    Don’t shoot the dog, Bill. Embrace its urine!

  11. wrjones says:

    Shay – I think that is what the “tree huggers” do as an activity. They are embracing the urine of many dogs at once.

    For my sanity, which was headed down hill as I lay awake each night plotting revenge on that damn dog, I have gone active – I now pee on the neighbor’s flowers. It is kind of a hassle getting out of bed at 2AM and scaling the fence, but I feel my mental health is sliding back toward the normal area.

    However, I’m now peeing on the flowers I will later steal for paintings so this is a win – lose deal here.

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