Painting the Sphere? Yuk…

by Lisa  


       Last night in my evening class, I decided to try a test of the emergency painting system. Students were asked to create a sphere in black and white without looking at one. They had to invent it to paint it. It had to have a light source and all the elements that go in to creating a convincing form. Then I had a list of questions that they had to grade themselves from, followed by a critique. The idea was to see how well they understood basic concepts, and what level of complexity the should be working at.

       As I expected there was a bit of grousing and eye rolling going on over this one. Everyone wanted to get on to their beautiful and complicated flower paintings. But everyone agreed, save Bill who flat out refused to take part in the exercise feeling he should be exempt from such trivia. Here he is daydreaming about a lake in front of him instead.

        And as I expected, there was much floundering about over how to do this. Although Bill did not present a painted sphere, rest assured that he took part in the critique and offered his opinion often and freely. In fact, Susan and I continue to get emails bombarding us with arguments supporting his theories, kind of like the hurt dog barking first.  In the end, all of the students seemed to walk away from the exercise with a far greater  respect for my silly little indulgence. I think they are going to put away the bouquets for a while.

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3 Responses to Painting the Sphere? Yuk…

  1. nothing wrong with this painting that adding a wrench to it wouldn’t help!

  2. wrjones says:

    Susan, please do not encourage this woman. I’m 26 years old; look what painting with her has done to me.

    Say, can you see any light on the shadow side of me there?

  3. They can’t paint flowers until they can paint spheres.
    That is a great lesson.

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