Flower Painting Workshop

by Lisa

    I taught a flower painting workshop last weekend. It was very successful. I brought in tons of beautiful flowers of all varieties for the students to paint. It was a feast for the eyes. The peonies even came close to dominating the smell of the room over the paint.

    Now, I know what you are all thinking. I’ll bet the room was full of women. Men don’t paint flowers–not a manly thing to do. Well, for all you naysayers, rest assured that Bill was there. Not only was Bill THERE, he took it upon himself to help me teach. Here is a picture of Bill in action. (I’m sorry Bill, but I was not about to spend half the day photoshopping you to be taller, thinner, and buffer.) I’m surprised Bill got a thing painted with all the advice he was offering around the room. I know how busy he was with this because students kept whispering to me things like “that weird guy over there told me to change it”. I feel I owe half my pay to Bill for all he did. He was not even able to participate in the critique at the end because he had not finished his painting for all his generosity. He DID participate in the consumption of the wine at the end. Bless his heart.

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11 Responses to Flower Painting Workshop

  1. wrjones says:

    Yes, I painted flowers. I’m totally at home with my manhood. To prove it, I painted bullets the next day. Well, I actually never got to the bullets, but I did get the rose in. When you are busy helping others to paint with joy, attend church, don’t share their crack pipe with strangers, don’t paint on an ant hill, and other life confirming issues, it is difficult to finish your own work, or mind your own business.

    This photo has been HEAVILY tweaked by a teacher jealous over my nearly started painting. I have a LOT of brown hair. That can’t possibly be my stomach sticking out like that. The proof lies in that very large white area in the foreground. I’m quite certain when I looked at it for 10 or 20 minutes it was much trimmer.

    I only drank the wine because it was free, purchased by Lisa with a very small part of the $1700 she charged me for the two days. On the plus side, it was rotgut, so I was familiar with the taste which went well with Maalox.

  2. Hello, I just wanted to thank you for visiting my blog and commenting. I have taken a peek at both of your collective works. (does that sound right? lol) I really enjoyed my visit and love your work. It must be fun to have a partner who paints as well, mine is a physicist. I have not had the patience to teach a workshop, I admire you. Cheers and Happy painting.

  3. It looks like Bill is studying that blonde more than any flowers on the scene.

  4. 100swallows says:

    Yeah, Lisa, I think like Diana. Bill looks just fine there among all the babes. No wonder he didn’t finish his painting.

  5. wrjones says:

    I must add that I found this work shop to be an excellent learning experience and very highly recommend it to all. I hope I didn’t bother the other students too much. They were a dedicated and talented group.

  6. Carol King says:

    How come Bill wasn’t dressed as Col. Sanders at the workshop?

  7. Good photo of Bill except for one thing…the bastard doesn’t have a paunch like me… and…he’s a wonderfully funny writer. What a cool thing, Lisa, in bringing in all those flowers!

  8. Looks like a fun group. I always have fun people at my Flower Workshops. They are always happy with that subject. What’s not to love?


  9. wrjones says:

    Damn it, Carol, could you please refer to me as that dapperly dressed gentleman instead of fried chicken man?

    David – That blond is a beauty. In fact there was a room full of attractive women that could all paint. This is what made it so intimidating that I had to hit the cactus juice a triffle early (7:30AM – but after the bowl of cereal at least). Lisa, evil woman that she is, knew I was holding my stomach in and rapidly tiring. “Darn, I don’t know what is wrong with this camera. I think I need to set this, no that’s not it. I bet I need new batteries, I will be right back, hold that pose, Bill”.

    Linda – How much fun do you think it is when the teacher publicly humiliates you for taking a few sips of her “Two Buck Chuck”?

  10. Maybe Bill would like to come down for a workshop of mine. I could just quietly walk away and leave him to pick up where I left off.
    What I am wondering is why they have a blue background on what looks like a brown background in the set up or is that what Bill was pointing out to them all?

  11. wrjones says:

    Good eye Frank. I would come study with you if you didn’t have such a frown. Maybe if I turn my monitor upside down?

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