Painter of Presidents


        I feel creatively drained by the Democratic race for president and this is my new excuse for not showing you a painting today. I truly hope by today, Hillary will see the morning light and concede defeat. That is not to say I had hoped it would come to this, but rather, I want to see it move on as does the rest of the country minus her immediate staff.

       A thought occurred to me. Once the dream team ticket of Obama and Clinton materializes, maybe I could proposition them to let me capture their initial moment of political bliss (okay Hillary really hates him) as I did for the newly weds (see this post). I could download their cheesy photos above that we have seen a million times, and photoshop them together (alright, I already tried but I need Matthew’s help), and then I could paint their cheek-to-cheek portrait. Then, at the Democratic National Convention when they come out holding hands, Hillary’s nail’s deeply embedded in his palms, they could strike the pose I have already painted.  There I would be in frock and smock (thank you for the term coinage Vara) and I could pretend to paint them for the duration of When the Saints Go Marching In. At the end of the song, I reveal the finished portrait.

       Next, at the Republican National Convention, John McCain would surely book me to paint him and his running mate during Onward Christian Soldiers.

       I’m really thinking this could be my calling.


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3 Responses to Painter of Presidents

  1. Susan says:

    Absolutely! Think of the great stories you would be running on this blog. I’d be here every single day. Go for it.

  2. I truly believe that this could be a definite revenue stream (sorry, but after reading WRJ’s previous post, I can’t get the word “stream” out of my vocabulary) for you. Maybe you could do some “live” portraiture work at the Olympics this summer! Ya know, I’m old enough to remember…now what was I remembering…hmmm…oh forget it!

  3. Dar says:

    Lisa, could you manage some Dorian Gray mojo in the portait? Hillary might like that.
    I tried oil paint voodoo recently, but it backfired. Never again.

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