Anna’s Wall

By W.R. Jones

  “A Different Harvest”

    I’m baaa….ck.  What’s that you say, “who gives a shit?”   Oh, my, you have made my heart ache with nostalgia.  Those are the exact words mom use to say when I would announce my return from school.

   Anna Surface of Surface&Surface, a Kansas photographer, graciously agreed to let me use her photo of a stone wall as a basis for this painting.

    I was going to include a drawing of a Borax Twenty Mule Team soap box for Lisa to stand on while she berates me for using someone else’s photo.  Then I got to thinking about that logic.  It seems to me, if we keep a consistent view of this idea, that a photographer should not be allowed to photograph someone else’s stuff.

    That is not original.  She is plagiarizing/stealing.  She should have built her own stone wall to photograph.  Well, maybe she did, this could be her garden wall for all I know.  Natural things like the sky or a tree would be alright, unless of course someone planted that tree.  Then you would have to get their permission.  You should plant your own trees to shoot.

    You can’t take photos of bridges or buildings unless you built them.  I guess it’s ok if you ask your friends to help as long as you include them in the credits.

    I added the canon because the wall and field reminded me of the civil war battle grounds.   As I was painting the manly looking canon my testosterone count reached dangerous levels.  I was going to the gym later and was afraid I would be busted for doping.  And if they didn’t test me that day there was still the danger I would bulk up too fast and split my new shirt (remember I’m using those heavy black weights now, not those pastel colored lighter ones I like so much).

    To counter the testosterone build up I used my medical knowledge of hormones and painted in some flowers.  This began an estrogen uptick.  Apparently I painted too many flowers and overdid the estrogen bit.  I found myself walking around the house in high heels admiring my calfs in the mirrors.  They were looking pretty good if I do say so myself.  They were a tad on the fuzzy side.  I think I need to lean into the razor a little more.


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17 Responses to Anna’s Wall

  1. Anna Surface says:

    My gosh! That is such a lovely painting! I love the flowers, the canon, and the team. It all goes very well together with that old stone fence. It is as if you had tuned in and picked up various histories the stone fence has seen in its time. Beautiful composition. I love it, Bill.

    I had taken the photo of the stone fence with the wheat field behind it over two years ago. I was enraptured with the old stone and golden wheat waving in the field under the summer sun. I hadn’t built the fence or planted the wheat or called the sun to brightly shine. LOL I just captured what I had perceived.

    Just as you had captured what you had perceived to create this painting.

    Really, such a wonderful painting!

  2. wrjones says:

    Thanks Anna – I will be stopping by for more photos – keep up the good work please.

  3. gypsy-heart says:

    How nice of Anna..and you did her photo justice!

  4. wrjones says:

    It was nice of her. However, she and her husband, Preston, are not ALL nice. Case in point, I have asked them repeatedly to adopt me. They completely ignore my pleas. They have the life style I want. And I recently found out Anna does the yard work. An angel, a real life angel (this assuming she also does the housework and cooking).

  5. Your painting of the stone fence is fantastic. You have captured the limestone quite well.

    Now the high heel thing; you just crack me up.

  6. wrjones says:

    Thanks Preston. Keep driving Anna around the countryside please – of course, that is after she has her yard work done.

  7. Rick Nilson says:

    I really like this painting. I am going to copy it and change a few of the larger stones. I promise not to call it Anna’s Wall. I might just add the 20 mules, I just don’t care anymore. I will post it on my blog when its finished and if you like it you can copy it and paint it again. That’s fair.

  8. wrjones says:

    Great idea Rick. I will copy your copy. I think if we push this concept it will be like gossip. We could end up with and excellently painted can of tuna.

  9. kevmoore says:

    Just curious…do you think we should go with the grain when shaving calves? I’ve suffered several nasty nicks, and just can’t find sticking plasters that don’t clash with my ensemble.

  10. wrjones says:

    Well, Kev, flush with having nearly made a sale of a recent painting (I had to give it away, but I negotiated so toughly, I didn’t have to throw in a trip to Spain like the last deal). I’m going to have a dermatologist lasar them smooth as a baby’s bottom. I won’t have to tug nearly so hard to slip into those nylons. I think that is how I injured my lower back and ended up with the ice pack last night.

  11. Oh yea…am I goin to have fun stealing HIGH RES. reference photos from the Surface to Surface site. Kinda like the same thing I do on Limewire! That’s a music stealing…uh…SHARING site.

  12. wrjones says:

    Anna and Preston are just too nice to steal photos from. They would most likely give you permission. Still, should you decide to take a few, let me have a look.

  13. kimiam says:

    hmmm…a wall stolen at gun point.

  14. Rick Nilson says:

    I gotta wonder if kevmoore has any fashion sense at all. Its obvious that the smooth baby bottom went right over his head! I wonder if he ever really does shave his calves, or if its just a rouse. You know, like a moot point.

  15. wrjones says:

    Kimiam – I don’t know who is cuter, you or that dog. I suppose I could have taken that wall without a gun. I could have threatened to hang one of my pieces (face out) on their living room wall.

    Rick – Kevin Moore is one of my all time heros. He has a beautiful, smart, warm, loving, artist girlfriend. And, as a rock star he has tons of groupies after him. So far he hasn’t agreed to share but I’m hoping he will be more charitable as Christmas approaches.

  16. Madame Monet says:

    My favorite parts of this painting are the mixture of colors used in the grass field, the flowers up front, and the brick wall. I wish I could paint so well.

    Madame Monet
    Writing, Painting, Music, and Wine

  17. wrjones says:

    Madame Monet – Thanks, I believe you can paint every bit as well. However, don’t mix painting with too much wine. It is not helpful as repeated experiments have failed to teach me yet.

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