Victoria’s Secret

By W.R. Jones

    My daughter was home last weekend.  She saw this painting and asked where I found the Victoria’s Secret model.  She must have got that sarcasm from her mother.

    I and another man arrived at the studio early.  I was way early having got the starting time wrong – again.  He asked me to help him come up with an idea for a pose.   Someone told me this was a costume pose but this man insisted it was nude.  We looked around the room at old paintings and I saw a pose of a nude that I really liked.  We did a similar setup and waited. 

    The model arrived in costume and declined to pose nude.  Thank you!  As you can see, the setup was not up to snuff of even a Captain Kangaroo tv set.

    I don’t understand why “costume” seems to mean Halloween to these models.  This was a cross between a crack whore and a bag lady.   The skirt was some type of thick black canvas.  She was wearing hip high stockings with horizontal stripes.  Never in my life have I seen such socks in public.

    Another “study”.


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4 Responses to Victoria’s Secret

  1. Ha, Captain Kangaroo. She’s got his green jacket down.
    Seriously, I like the painting Bill. She has a nice classic look to her. Her face at least.

  2. Rhonda says:

    If this was really a Victoria’s Secret model, the breasts would be much higher up on the torso, Bill! I sometimes wish our figure models would put something odd on just to give us something different to look at – where do I get those striped stockings?

  3. wrjones says:

    Thanks Frank. I did like her face just not the costume. She also kept a small smile for most of the session.

    Rhonda – I like the smaller more natural breast. I have a pair of those stockings but won’t send them to you. You will embarass yourself. I wear them aroud the house when I’m alone.

  4. Very nice image. I think it is an excellent work.

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