The World Is Going To Hell

by Lisa

       This is the demo I did for my class yesterday. I only had a few students because half of them were at a workshop at another art school whose name I will not publish here in case I should lose the other half of my class to LA Fig. On Wednesdays, talk invariably turns into a discussion of American Idol, of which, for the first time, I have become sucked in. We all speculated that it would be Brook, or Jason that would go last night. That was when we thought America had a LICK of sense.

       What was up with THAT??? Carly Smithson you bozo’s? Who is voting for these singers. I admit, I do not. And I should. Because I clearly recognize that Carly is far and away more talented than Jason Castro. Oh but he has the bedroom eyes. Is it a bunch of teeny boppers voting on their little pink cell phones? Pah-lease. I am depressed today. I will totally miss Carly next week. I don’t even think I will watch the show, because there is no hope left in this world. The environment is going to hell, our economy is in the shitter, Laura Bush wore white when the Pope came, and CARLY SMITHSON GOT VOTED OFF.

       Simon, please compliment Jason Casto next week. Tell him of all the contestants, you would choose to sleep with him first.

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6 Responses to The World Is Going To Hell

  1. 100swallows says:

    That’s a great demo painting, Lisa. I should sign up for one of your courses,I could learn a lot from you.

  2. lbtowers says:

    100swallows, correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t you in Spain? That would make it a coorespondence course I do believe. Hey now there’s a thought. I should run with that idea.

    Clearly you do not get American Idol there, or you would not be commenting on my demo. But thank you anyway.

  3. 100swallows says:

    Oh, Lisa, I have no time for a course in painting now. I’m not a beginner–I’ve painted a lot but never with METHOD. I should have had a good teacher like you right at the beginning.
    No, American Idol I don’t know.
    Your study reminds me of those good still-lifes by Chardin.

  4. Yea?…well here’s rant! It’s taken what?…maybe two million years for the human species to evolve to this point. We started by standing on our two rear appendages (homo erectus- and no funny jokes from the both of you here!) Fire. The spear. The wheel. Language. Cave paintings. Greek sculpture. Roman architecture. The Renaissance. Impressionism. Dadaism. Digital Animation. Blah, blah, blah! And what do you write about? Carly Smithson being voted off of American Idol?! Pah-leez back! Howabout posting more of that truck wheel flap art? Now that was somethin!.. Huba, Huba!!!

  5. lbtowers says:

    Thanks 100swallows, very sweet of you.

    And David, I agree. Next time I have spent the entire day by myself in my lonesome little studio racking my brain to make it as an artist and wondering why I didn’t stick with pre-med, I am going to come home, and turn on C-Span instead of Idol. And from now on I will post about things like the tempera techniques during the Middle Ages, and I will sit back and watch with interest as our blog stats plummet into the gutter. You can pah-lease some of the people some of the time…

  6. Wow! This is better than a soap opera! :P

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