Coming Clean

by Lisa

So when the nice man from the Museum of Natural History (oops, my lawyer recommended that I not mention which museum) contacted me via email yesterday to inquire as to exactly where in the desert I had come across the tyranosaurus rex skeleton, I decided I would have to come clean. I told him it was really a staple remover that I had located on the internet, and I explained as to how I have this blog partner who was acting like a woman scorned because I had not bent over backwards and sideways to furnish him with a picture of my actual desert treasure. That’s when I got an email from the people who make the staple remover. Something about royalties. I can’t win.

I have decided that Bill really does need a reference shot for that painting he posted yesterday since I cannot tell what the hell that thing is in the foreground. I do wish he had jumped on my first offer, and painted the rex in there. I’d of gotten a really good laugh out of it. Okay, I’m s-s-sor-sor-sorry Bill.  Ouch. That hurt.

Here is your picture for real:

Forever your dearest blog partner,


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3 Responses to Coming Clean

  1. I’m really enjoying the blog, writings and paintings both. I can’t read any more today without feeling guilty.
    I added onpainting to my blogroll.

  2. You two should start your own act and go on the road, or maybe Las Vegas, or hospitals. Comedy and art. Laughter is always good medicine.

  3. wrjones says:

    Wonderful, that THING is bigger than my painting.

    You know, I don’t like to air our dirty canvas in public, but since you won’t answer my emails, here goes. It is painful for me to see you spiral downhill due to professional jealousy. I know the envy is hard to fight when you see my pieces are selling so damn fast. For your information, my well painted rabbit head, or butt, or leg, or neck, or shoulder er, part in the desert is already sold.

    I have an arrangement with my daughter to buy the work I produce that doesn’t move so well. It’s like that Theo, Vincent thing. To date she has the complete set; not missing a single piece. She uses her credit card. On a technical point, if I pay her credit card, is it considered a sale by me or to me?

    Always one to look on the bright side, if my prices continue to stay in the single digit range, I can afford me.

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