by Lisa

       Okay, have any of you seen this on youtube yet?

       At first you will find yourself wanting to rerun the beginning to see if you actually SEE the elephant painting, or if the picture CUTS TO the trunk painting the picture as if it was all rigged. Go ahead. Everyone has to do it. But by the end you believe that a freaking elephant can paint better than some people I know.

       Why just today, I was feeling inferior to said elephant. I was painting along, and I thought about how unsteady the elephant’s trunk looks as he places the brush on the canvas. For all intents and purposes, it looks like he is going to miss the mark, but he gets it right every time. Kind of pissed me off. I kept missing today. My brush would not seem to work and I thought about how I might be better off holding it at the end of a long trunk standing two yards back. I’m wondering what his paintings sell for too. Which galleries is he in? I wonder if HE paints everyday. I bet he doesn’t stretch his own canvas, or shop for frames. Looks to me like he has assistants. Wonder who he studied with.

       I think I just severly depressed myself. I can’t compete with elephants. They’re much bigger than me.

PS – I thought his tail sucked.

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6 Responses to Elephantitis

  1. Don Gray says:

    I saw this and went through a similar cycle of curiosity, disbelief, amazement and mild depression. Then the depression got worse when I realized that to compete fairly with an elephant, I would have to draw with my nose.

    I really enjoy your art and your blog.

  2. Me too!! In fact, I think I sent it to YOU and you poo pooed it. It made me more easily dismiss it. Now, I’m going to whine a bit too. It’s uncomfortable feeling inferior to a *%$# elephant. (Do you suppose he has representation?)
    Be well.

  3. Chad W. says:

    Ha! I saw this recently in a documentary, in the film called “My Kid Could Paint That.” It is the story of Marla Olmstead — the 4 year old painter prodigy that may or may not have composed her advanced paintings herself (a great viewing if you’re interested!). At any rate, there was a segment that showed animals painting. This clip was shown, along with a donkey painting with its tail, and a monkey sitting at the easel painting. I think it is rather remarkable — even if it’s all a sham involving training and memory on the animal’s part. I love how timid and careful the elephant is about apply the wet brush to the paper. Fantastic! (Though, I’m hoping they aren’t abused if they screw up.)

  4. lbtowers says:

    You just hit on something Chad. Maybe I would be a better painter if I got a little abuse when I mess up. Bill could stand over me and whack my hand with his mahl stick, or tell me another war story.

  5. Barbara Pask says:

    Someone sent me this, I found it kind of depressing. I sent it on to my painting group just in case they didn’t already feel bad enough about their painting skills, lol. Barb

  6. nataJane says:

    I saw this too- it is incredible!

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