Dogs and Artwork Don’t Mix

by Lisa 

This is Peach. I sometimes bring her with me to my studio. Peach is usually a good shop dog. She is certainly a good guard dog. However, she is loosing her winter coat something fierce and hair is in abundance. Today, after I worked on a painting, I sat it on the floor to free the easel up for something else.  TIP FOR THE DAY: never sit a painting on the floor by a dog.  The UPS truck showed up. Peach has a conditioned response to the UPS truck. In her absolute conviction to reach the door before I could reach my painting, she brushed against the painting. What’s a little dog hair in the ol’ impasto?  It wasn’t much fun getting the cobalt blue off of her either.

A few years ago, when my son Dylan was still in grade school, he had to create a project about one of the wonders of the world and he choose The Great Wall of China. Ever the encouraging mother in the arts, I ran right out and bought him every arts and crafts supply and every tool imaginable to create a masterpiece. We He ended up using blocks of floral foam, and spent weeks sculpting a magnificent model of The Great Wall. We even went out and bought tiny people to populate it.

The big day arrived to present the project at school. We had found a large box to put the fragile piece in for protection. We were just about to walk out the door when I decided that I would take Peach with me since I would be at the studio all day. Boy was she excited. Dylan went to put the boxed project in the backseat, and just as he realized that there would not be enough room for the box and  the dog, an overly exuberant Peach who LOVES, LOVES, LOVES to go for car rides, leaped into the car unable to contain herself a moment longer. RIGHT ON TOP of the box she landed. I heard Dylan shriek and looked around to see Peach frozen on top of the box with one leg buried inside, a guilt-ridden look on her face. 

I reacted by yelling, “GET HER OFF.” Dylan was as frozen as stone. He could not move. I jumped in from the other side and hoisted the 70 pound dog off the box yelling at Dylan to pull the box out from under her. I had to tell him twice before he finally came to and reacted. It was one scary moment opening that box to assess the damage of what had so suddenly become The Great Wall of Despair. Although her foot landed in the terrain, and missed the Wall itself, the top of the collapsed box and had damaged both towers. Emergency surgery ensued, Dylan still too devastated to do much more than hand me instruments. In the end the wreck was salvaged nicely, but I don’t know if Dylan has ever quite forgiven Peach for that one. I know he’ll never trust her to get into the car like a lady again.

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4 Responses to Dogs and Artwork Don’t Mix

  1. kevmoore says:

    I can just imagine you singing the old Lobo song “Me and you and a dog named “blue”

  2. wrjones says:

    Oh lordy, I just actually read this post. I was thinking this was a picture of Lisa with her new hair style. She had mentioned getting her hair done recently. She said that was the reason she didn’t have the $100 she owed me for the Memphis-UCLA game.

    I’m so glad this is her dog. I didn’t know what I was going to say. “Lisa, wow, you really look different. You look like you could, er… really run fast with your new hair. Looks good, ya, yep, looks good alright.”

  3. 100swallows says:

    Do dogs mark their territory like cats? My cats used to turn around and squirt the paintings I had stacked up against the wall. And they appropriated my statues too in the same way, the little dickenses.

  4. Carol King says:

    I LOVE PEACH! What a cutie!!!!!

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