In The Nick of Time

by Lisa


Here is the completed painting of the Dutch-ish floral that I have been talking about lately.  I don’t often commit to being finished so early in the process of painting something, but I wanted to get this varnished right away (you have to varnish as soon as it is dry to the touch, or wait a full year), so I had it photographed to force me to be “finished”.

I took the painting last week to a place in the Valley to get photographed. The day it was done was the same day that I got shat upon (nice for shit on — I was scolded by a viewer) by the seagull. I left the beach that day to drive into the Valley and pick up the painting. My plan was to get there in just the right amount of time to also grab a bite to eat and make it back to teach my portrait class at 1:00 at the Art Institute. But when the seagull christened me I was thrown off schedule a little because then I had to clean my shirt. The poop had hit my back, which added to the degree of difficulty. I was willing to pee on a bush out of spite, but it was too damn cold to take my shirt off. Airlines make up lost time in the air, and I was figuring on the same strategy on the freeway and mountain passes.

I did get there in record time, but I was going to cut it close getting to the Institute. Picked up the artwork at Image-Ination (great place that specializes in photographing artwork), and then got a hankering for a falafel sandwich. Paul, at Image-Ination suggested a place next door, and knowing I was racing the clock RAN at full tilt to the restaurant which was –crowded. They didn’t make falafel sandwiches but I could have a falafel salad and they would give me pita bread so I could make one myself. Seemed kind of silly to me that they couldn’t just stuff the fixins in there and make a frazzeled customer happy, but I said “What-ever” in my best Valley girl accent with a Southern twang.

Took them twenty minutes to make a little SALAD, and I had fifteen minutes left to drive 30 miles in order to make it to my class on time. By my estimation, that is 120 miles an hour–WHILE, making a falafel sandwich filled with dressing, and leaking all over you. Not for the faint at heart I assure you. I will say this, I have gotten really good at driving with my knees through LA freeway traffic. And the stain on the back of my shirt was nothing compared to the ones on my front.

And I want you to know, I was only five minutes late. And full.

TIP FOR THE DAY FOR THOSE OF YOU LIVING IN THE LA AREA: Steer clear of silver Honda Accords with License plate number 4TQTXTR.

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5 Responses to In The Nick of Time

  1. WOW to both of you!
    Lisa I think your flemish flowers are really amazing. (Maybe not so amazing for you but for ordinary people.) Beautiful work. HEY… What’s the deal on varnishing when it first becomes dry or having to wait a year? I thought you had to wait 9-12 months no matter what.
    Did you know Paul is retiring? Such a loss for all of us. What will we do???
    Bill.. Love your painting too! How in the world did you do that tower? Daunting!! The whole thing together is lovely though.

  2. lbtowers says:

    Thanks Marian. Yes, you can varnish a painting as soon as it is dry to the touch, or you have to wait 6 months to a year (depending on the thickness of the impasto). I guess the idea is that the layers all dry together if done early on. And no, I did not know Paul is retiring. Yikes. Do you know who else does such a wonderful job? Or is someone taking over his business?

  3. Carol King says:

    THAT IS SPECTACULAR!!! What a beautiful painting.

  4. No he tried to get someone to take over but with the rent up and all of the other stuff I guess he decided just to retire. It makes me sad because he is such a nice person, fairly close by AND he did a good job.

    Another painter I know told me about a place out toward Pasadena… Actually Los Angeles, but I haven’t tried it. I think this is the place and this is the website:

    Love reading your blog. It makes me smile or laugh or both.

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