I Can Make You Thin

By W.R. Jones


    I Can Make You Thin is the title of a The Learning Channel programI watched the first episode last night.  There are only 4 “golden” rules to eating:

    1.  Eat when you are hungry

    2.  Eat what you want not what you think is good for you  –  he advised going through the cupboards and throwing out all the food you didn’t like

    3.  Eat consciously  –   i.e. pay attention as you eat.   Don’t eat reading a book or watching television.  At each bite lay down your knife and fork and be aware of chewing and enjoying the food in your mouth.

    4.  Stop eating when you are full  –     He recommends you eat one meal with your eyes closed so you can be more aware of the feeling of being full.  A test on people eating blindfolded showed they would feel full and stop eating with food remaining on the plate while without the blindfold they would clean the plate.  

    I watched a show a few days ago about the brain.   According to this show the brain will drive you to eat the proper foods to get the nutrients it needs.  An example was a man who spent 100+ days on a life raft after his sail boat sank.  He was able to catch fish and at first ate only the muscle.  This being mostly protein would not sustain life.  He then started eating the eyes and internal organs which although tasting bad contained vitamins, minerals, etc. that the brain (and rest of body) needed.  The brain responded by giving a feeling of pleasure so that he would seek out these fish body parts in the future.

    According to this theory my brain is telling me Snickers and french fries contain extremely critical and vital nutrients.  And, according to number 2 above, I should eat these foods. 

    I painted this still life in my hotel room on a recent business trip.  For a two week trip I packed my clothes, painting supplies; easel, palette, paints, brushes, canvas, and a daylight lamp for light into a carry-on size bag.  I was forced to wash my one pair of underwear every night.  This is why I was observed wandering around the complex naked.  It wasn’t because I was on some sort of drug like they accused me of.

    This painting is a metaphor for GOOD and EVIL.  There is a large amount of good in the world but evil is more plentiful.  It spreads out and surrounds you with temptations.  It lurks in the shadows to ambush you just when you are feeling safe from having skirted those other two evils.  OR, or, or, it just might be that I couldn’t think of anything else to paint.

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9 Responses to I Can Make You Thin

  1. gypsy-heart says:

    I love the painting…it is “yummy” :) I like your diet idea too! hee, hee.

    You made me laugh and I so appreciate that!!!

  2. wrjones says:

    We should get together for some fries and chocolate chip cookies. We will leave the apple for Lisa.

  3. kevmoore says:

    It is a well-known fact to the seasoned traveller that one’s underwear can be worn for four consecutive days.
    1st day- normal
    2nd day- back to front
    3rd day-inside out
    4th day-back to front AND inside out.

    I tried for a fifth day and ended up in hospital with a ruptured spleen.

  4. Rhonda says:

    Sounds like you’ve been watching the same programs I’ve been watching – and were you eating while you were watching them? :)
    My husband believes equipment packed always trumps clothes – the clothes are just there to pack in between all the equipment he needs to act as a buffer. Two pair might have been a better choice.

  5. Carol King says:

    I like this painting. Or maybe it’s the cookies I’m attracted to. Either way, the painting works for me!

  6. wrjones says:

    Carol, it seems you are attracted to evil. You have come to the right spot.

    Rhonda, I did eat the cookies watching TV and reading the paper.I hope you appreciate the genius of your husband.

    Kev, it is just this sort of expertise that convinces me you should be a travel writer. This is knowledge born of vast experience.

    I’ve now gotten rid of all my underwear but 2. That should suffice for a week.
    I was surprised that the Good Will store rejected my donation of used skivves. I mean, the elastic on the waist bands was still workable. They would hold the pants up as long as you use a sturdy set of suspenders as an aid.

  7. ratedxtin says:

    i love this painting, and how you make me laugh! i haven’t seen the learning channel program, but have been doing these “rules” for the most part ;-) i also feed my students blindfolded in my workshops. see here: http://www.100poundfoodie.com/?p=641 .:)

    i suppose, more often than not, our eyes are bigger than our stomachs! :D

    kevmoore is so funny!

  8. wrjones says:

    Thanks Ratedxtin, I will check out the workshop when I get to a computer. I’m on a blackberry now. What does ratedxtin stand for?

  9. ratedxtin says:

    hi again, wrjones. friends always spell my name christine as xtin (like xmas for christmas). rated xtin simply means anything by me :)

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