Wild Flowers

By W.R. Jones


    I was working all last week with Raha, an engineer at St. Jude Medical in Sunnyvale.  She won’t admit to being an engineer; if anyone asks she claims to be a stay at home mother.

    We walked to the downtown area for lunch one day and on the way back I spotted these flowers and figured they would be good for a still life setup in my hotel room.  Raha was aghast as I picked them and accused me of stealing. 

    They looked like wild flowers to me.  Sort of like those in my neighbor’s back yard.  Speaking of them, I should get a lawyer.  They connected some very BRIGHT lights to come on when anyone scaled their back fence.  I could have been blinded.  It damn near gave me a heart attack as well.  They are rude and I’m not speaking to them.

    As I was saying, the flowers looked wild to me.  Raha thought otherwise as they were on the lawn of an apartment complex we were crossing.  When a man in uniform came around the corner she told me I was in trouble now.  That man was a security guard and I would be arrested.  She also said he was taking my picture and in fact he did seem to be doing just that.

    In my loudest voice I said to Raha, “Here, these flowers should help you feel better.  I’m so sorry you lost your four children in that flaming car wreck this morning.  Is that why you were late for work?  Also, it is thanks for buying lunch.”

    It worked, I was not arrested.  Raha is not speaking to me any more; don’t know why.  I personally think any flower that does not come when you call is wild.

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8 Responses to Wild Flowers

  1. Tomas says:

    The picture captivates me. Therefore I’m hard to talk plainly. The same happens when we fall in love : we either love and don’t want to know anything more then, or just talk over the love and dully number what’s what.
    I like your picture. It humbly knocks on my heart and the memory brings in all just possible colors – revive the memory.
    What’s the wild flower? Can the flower be not wild? Oops, it seems there are no wise questions, just thank you looks appropriately.

  2. Miki says:

    Dear Mom,

    I love your painting…
    But don´t steal so much, and don´t be unfaithful to Dad, please! I know you love men in uniform…

  3. kevmoore says:

    now…I think you’re on to something here Bill. Whatever happened to the spirit of Haight-ashbury? Where have all the flowers gone? I think its every citizens right to pick them, they belong to us all maaaan. If they ask where you’re taking them, just say you’re putting them in the end of an M16. And anyway, you capture the flowers beautifully and give them immortality. Those that spend inordinate amounts on security can only sit and watch THEIR flowers wither and die. Suckers.

  4. Anna Surface says:

    LOL I can understand, for sure. Except I tresspass to shoot photos. And I have been approached and questioned many times and yet have not been arrested. I just hold up my camera, mumble something about being a photographer while having a glazed, dreamy look. It works so far.

    I love your painting. Beautiful and worth the steal. :)

  5. wrjones says:

    Thanks Tomas.

    I don’t know how to break this to you Miki, but I’m curiously drawn to women. Women in uniform (I like those maid outfits best), wow!

    Kev, we are Haight Ashbury material for sure. I like looking down the barrel of a rose much better than an AK47.

    Anna – I typically have a glazed or dazed look. Will that work? I’m getting old enough I could hang a sign around my neck saying “please take grandpa home.”

  6. 100swallows says:

    This is very nice, Bill. What a shame that that shadow of the painter’s head got into the picture! Of course maybe it’s a self-portrait shadow. That’s original.

  7. gypsy-heart says:

    Well, you made me laugh again…I have decided you are either a comedian or crazy..quite possibly both! :)

    We may be in prison together…I was told I should not pick up some FOUND feathers, because it’s illegal and they are protected! :O

    I think this painting is wonderful…even down to the shadow!

  8. wrjones says:

    100swallows – that is the actual shape of the shadow with the exception that I shortened the top which would have gone off the edge. The odd shape is caused by the “vase” being a hotel mug with a handle that is turned from view.

    Gypsy – we should try to share a cell. We could divide the work in the normal male/female split; you do the cooking, cleaning, laundry, ironing, and I will take care of all the yard work.

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