Garage Sale Saturday

by Lisa

Yesterday proved to be a fruitful day on the garage sale circuit. There were tons of sales, the weather was spectacular, and I had more fun. Here are my finds and I hope you all are not terribly jealous as you see what I got.

First of all, I got this cabinet. It is for my studio and will serve two purposes First it is a great wooden surface for still lifes. There are wonderful wormholes and cracks in it for that perfectly aged look. Secondly, it is a good cabinet for holding supplies. I paid a whopping $10 for it.


Then, I found this bee-autiful print of one of the Dutch flower paintings (it is not attributed to anyone so I don’t know which artist painted it). I am not into Dutch flower paintings, but it is a lovely reference with the composition and the light, and a remarkably good reproduction. I paid $3 for it. It was in a frame, which I didn’t want, and tried to barter the lady down if I gave her the frame. That was when she came down to $3 from $3.50 if I would just take the whole thing. So I did, took the print out and hung it on my bulletin board in my studio.


Finally, I scored the following wooden box of tiny 50 year old pastels that have never been used for FREE in exchange for helping this man get rid of a bunch of other art supplies!


So, it was a great day of sale-ing. Those of you who are not out there on beating the pavement and shaking the trees every Saturday morning– perfect! That leaves more for me.

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4 Responses to Garage Sale Saturday

  1. 100swallows says:

    Lisa: I’m bothered by those little blue flowers under the table in that still-life. What do you think? I’d say he or she didn’t know when to stop. The bigger one keeps calling my eye away from the center display.

  2. lbtowers says:

    The Dutch and Flemish flower painters NEVER knew when to stop. They had to have been obsessive compulsives. As far as the blue flowers you have to have something to yank your eye to the end of that ‘S’ curve. I have to say this is one of the nicer florals I’ve seen. Would like to see the original.

  3. kevmoore says:

    I got the whole of the first series of “The Closer” for 12 euros at a sale a few Sundays ago. I do enjoy a bargain. That cabinet looks suspiciously like one I saw in an episode of “Poirot” recently, in which it concealed a dead body. Have you plans for Bill he’s not aware of?

  4. Hmm … one (wo)man’s junk is another’s treasure? Obviously, I’m not one to “see” the possibilities … but I “think” you’ve given me a few ideas of some other “stuff” to put on ebay! ;) Thanks!

    PS: Has Bill learned to speak Spanish yet?

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