Classical Painting Boring? Nah…

by Lisa

On Sunday, at the California Art Institute, The Portrait Society of America sponsored a presentation of portrait artist Adrian Gottlieb. He came and did a slide show of his work and answered so many questions I thought he would tear his hair out. He is a classically trained artist having studied at the Florence Academy of Art. Whoa. Is he good. I had looked at his paintings on his website (  previously, and thought they were a little too tightly painted for me, but when you see one of them in person, they are really beautiful. It’s a shame that the paintings do not show better from reproductions, but there is a reflective quality to them that you simply do not get until you actually see them.

I was inspired by some of his cast drawings and paintings to paint the picture you see below of a lovely marble bust I have of Pocahontas although it looks more like a babe Da Vinci would have painted. It is only the initial block in though.


Adrian uses paints that are handmade by Robert Doak and Associates. After looking at Doak’s website, I see that he has many flake whites with varying degrees of reflectiveness. I think I will order a few different kinds. One of them gives you a thick impasto like the old masters used. Once I get my tubes, step aside Rembrandt. I’m going to be painting bling like you won’t believe. Adrian himself will be blinded by my glows.

I’ll post this painting again when I finish.

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3 Responses to Classical Painting Boring? Nah…

  1. Carol King says:

    Wow! Looks great so far. Can’t wait to see the finished painting.

  2. 100swallows says:

    Nice, Lisa. Maybe you could post it even before it’s finished. I’d be interested in seeing Stage 2, for instance. Do you put on a single color primer–gray or orange or green? Probably each painting is different. Whoops–I just re-read and see the bust is marble and so you probably aren’t going to do color.

  3. wrjones says:

    What the hell, Carol? I called you long distance at 2 AM to ask you to comment on my post. Do you think it is easy for an old man to get up at that hour?

    If Lisa paints better with these Doak products I think I may borrow a few tube from her. Maybe she should have ask Adrian what brushes, what canvas, does he have a baseball cap, how tight he wears his underwear, etc. as well.

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