The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

by Lisa 


     There are good days and bad days as a painter.

     On Thursday, for my portrait class, I only had three students show up.  I rarely ever paint while my students paint feeling that they are paying me to help them, not paint with them. However, with so few students, I tend to drive them crazy, correcting every little stroke they make. This is not good for them. They need to fail to some degree, or they will never find their own way through the painting forest.

     After I got this model all set up, and saw to it that the students were well on their way, I decided to paint as well. This is the head study I did.  I was fairly pleased with this study for the given amount of time, or I wouldn’t even bother to show it here.

     Now for the bad news. Yesterday, I went to a marina to paint. I spent as much time looking for something to paint as I did painting something. It was a little 5 X 7 study that you do NOT see depicted here. There is a good reason for that. Yesterday was one of the bad days. You know it’s not going well when someone walks up to you and makes the comment “That’s hard to do”, and suggests that you take the same painting class that she is taking.

     I tell my students all the time to expect the roller coaster of good days and bad days. But boy does it tick me off when I have a bad one.

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3 Responses to The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

  1. Miki says:

    Very good head study, Lisa!

  2. gypsy-heart says:

    This is a good painting Lisa!
    I loved your story too. I know how your students feel. When the classes were very small for some was that paradoxical situation. You knew you would get extra attention…and you knew you would get EXTRA ATTENTION! Hee, hee. I used to keep looking at the clock…god how much longer until coffee break??? :)
    You made me laugh about the comment from the person at the marina.
    So true about good days and bad days!

  3. Oh I do so agree about the bad days and I’ve certainly heard that one about “it’s hard to do”. But I also love your little portrait.

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