Making Copies

By W.R. Jones


    I was reading an article about Robert Bateman, an extraordinary wildlife artist.  He mentioned being soundly thumped by the critics for selling prints of his work.  

    I’ve never understood the need for or value of an art critic.  What exactly is their purpose except to sell more newpapers or magazines?  If I was an editor I would save money by having the sports writer do the column on art as well.  “Hey, Bud, when you get done with the big game give me a piece on the art show, will you?  Don’t strain yourself.  If you can recognize it, call it crap.  There is a fellow in the show who creates using male bovine dung; you know, something you sports writers can relate to.  Call that ART.”

    I’ve yet to see a painting by an art critic.  Now you don’t have to  be a painter to make valid relevant observations about a painting, but if someone is critiquing a work of mine, I will be more inclined to listen if I respect their painting skills.

   I’ve gone off track.  Those criticizing Bateman claimed by selling prints he was being commercial.   The scoundrel; trying to make money.  He should be more like me, thinking only of elevating the life of the public.  Following this commercial, making copies for money is evil idea, I think it would be logical to demand that no copies be made of books.  There should exist only the original manuscript.  If you want to read it, you will have to stand in line at the museum/library.  Plays should be put on only once.  You want to see it; you better get there early.  There should be no music CDs.  That clearly demeans the performing arts.  And don’t try to play the song more than once to grub for money.

   My take on this is that I’ve got to sell the same painting multiple times.  That is ok with me, I don’t mind being a crook.

    Speaking of copies, this painting is a small 6″x8″ copy of a larger work by T. Allen Lawson, a landscape painter living in Maine (  I took a workshop with him in Scottsdale a few years back and found him to be an excellent teacher as well as one of the best landscape painters in the country.  He has workshops in Maine that I would like to attend.  However, living in California, it is a long drive.  If someone will come get me I would love to go.

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8 Responses to Making Copies

  1. I’ve never understood the “art purest” who claims to be compromising themselves by selling their art. To me, what greater way to make a living than to be able to do what you love and get paid for it! After all, isn’t that what we all would like to do? :idea:

  2. wrjones says:

    Janet, you are close. I don’t want to work at all. I’m doing this blog in the hopes that somewhere there is a woman who will see my multitude of peculiarities and outright mental disorders and think to herself, “Hey, here is a challenge. I can fix that guy. What he needs is someone to send him money and the occasional chocolate bar. I think I will send my limo driver to pick him up and drive him to Maine.”

    Well, that’s not going to happen. Still you’ve given me an idea. I’m going to say I’m a purest, which is, by the way, a pretty long stretch of the truth. That will be the reason I don’t sell paintings. Not because no one will buy them, but because I’ve the soul of an artist. Ya, they will believe that. I’m sure they will. Yep, no more needing to expain away all those paintings at my house.

    WR Jones, Altruist

  3. 100swallows says:

    That was nice to see Lawson’s work, Bill. Thanks for the link. Did you ever make prints of your paintings–for postcards and Christmas cards and such? At least that way they get seen. Actually, why don’t you make a million flyers and drop them from a plane over LA?

  4. Postcards and Christmas cards sound okay. But, aren’t the flyers dropped from a plane over LA just a “tad” over the top? Then again, I wonder how much that would cost … :lol:

  5. wrjones says:


    100swallows is thinking outside the box. The century bird is a step ahead of the rest of the marketing world. I think I will carry his idea a step further and have my prints done on rolls of toliet paper.

    Here is a scenario: “Oh my God! You have a whole roll of Joneses? And every sheet is signed? And you haven’t used any?”

    I also think I may attach images of my work to the penile enhancement spam. That way I can be “exposed” so to speak to millions. Of course, these are all guys with small peckers so to incease the chance of a sale look for large phallic symbols in my new pieces.

  6. Why not? The toilet paper idea! That’s already done in England, at least, in government buildings like airports, where each sheet is stamped with the “Royal Seal.” Of course, their toilet paper is like wax paper … reusable I suppose! :lol:

  7. wrjones says:

    It’s hard to come up with something the Brits have not already done. Did you drop your camera? I’m looking for new photos from you.

  8. Nah, just a little busy putting “stuff” on ebay (and doing “regular” work too). But, I’ll soon get back to putting up more photos. Thanks for looking!

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