Lisa Baumeister?

by Lisa 

What do you think? Aapo Puk, Mian Situ, Lisa Baumeister. Maybe I’d be better off with my maiden name. Do you think I’d sell more paintings if my name was more exotic? More European? ‘Towers’ is awfully blase. I guess it could be worse–like…JONES. Thank God his first name isn’t William. Oh yeah.

Of course, then the signature would be an issue.  The thought of writing out every letter of Baumeister is daunting. I could always pull a Leffel:


Oh gee, in case you can’t read that it is “D-a-l” for David A. Leffel. (He puts a whole lot of effort into it doesn’t he?). I could use my middle initial which is L and then I would have llb. The ‘l’s could be a cinch, but that ‘B’could be a bitch. Hey, hey–don’t think I don’t know what you’re thinking WILLIAM R. JONES.

By the way, this is what Bill REALLY looks like:


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5 Responses to Lisa Baumeister?

  1. kevmoore says:

    Well, you could go all anagram and call yourself
    Alis R. Soweto, thats a bit african, (i cheated and added an “o”)
    Or why not unashamedly steal a famous Lisa’s surname, and people my inadvertently pay loads for your stuff because they think you’re:
    a) Lisa Stansfield (uk soul singer)
    b) Lisa Kudrow ( actress or something)
    c) Lisa Loeb ( er…give me a minute)
    d)Lisa Car (geddit? Lease a Car!! god Im funny)
    e) Lisa Marie Presley (famous because she has a dead dad)

  2. wrjones says:

    Damn, you are cold.

    Let’s take a look at that name Jones; it has a lot of history and is a well respected set of letters. I personally take it as a title of sorts. A look back at a glorious history: John Paul Jones, Tom Jones, Me and Mrs. Jones, Davey Jones’s Locker, Bobby Jones, Jones of Arc, Leroy Jones (ran a corner dice game in Baltimore in the 40’s), and then, and then, and then, ah ah, along came Jones, tall walking Jones…

    My birth name was Sever Tisthammer; I changed to Bill Jones because I thought a name with that sparkle would be more fitting when I came to California and was discovered for my leading roll potential. How was I to know each and every movie producer was blind and deaf?

  3. lbtowers says:

    Kev, I’m beginning to wonder what we’d do without you here on our “painting” blog. We’re going to go ahead and make you a third partner, and you can split Bill’s half of the proceeds.

  4. kevmoore says:

    Lisa, that’s a very generous offer.
    Bill, you forgot Basketball Jones….

  5. 01varvara says:

    Hmm… you could spell it in Cyrillic letters instead of the Latin alphabet. Ouch! There is no “w” in Russian. You would have to be “Liza Toers” (Лиэа Тоерс). Trust me… William R. Jones is even more of a bear (bad pun intended).


    (Do pour me ‘nother martooni, Nicky, I’m talking to Lisa again…)

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