Wait Wait

By W.R. Jones


    Now here is a model that started out the session sitting back with one leg over the chair arm in a completely relaxed natural, at home, type of pose.  I even remember her a being nude when we started.   I started to tell her a little bit about myself,  just to loosen her up; make the posing time seem a little shorter.

    I was just giving her a small sample of my background; like my book “A Barrel of Whiffle Dust” about to be published and a sure bet for the Oprah sticker, my time as a fighter pilot, some of the big game I had bagged in Africa, winning the state golf tournament at age 11 I believe, being captain of my high school football team when I was her age (she looked to be near 35 so that would have been about right).

    All of a sudden I looked up from mixing paint and there she was, clothes back on, sitting on the edge of her chair.  She had that look of getting ready to bolt for the door.  I’m familiar with that look having seen it on many of my dates.  Usually there is about 30 seconds left before they are gone.  I had to paint like a chipmunk on speed to get this down before she disappeared.   I think that is why it looks a little rough.

    I later went home wondering what was wrong with that woman and opened my high school year book to bask in former glory for awhile.  What the hell, somebody changed my year book.  I didn’t show up in the sports section at all.  I found my small photo in the “almost graduated”  area of pencil necked geeks.  I wonder if all my classmates had their books changed as well or was it only mine?

    I may be entering a period of semi lucid dementia.  I’ve got to stop drinking that stuff.

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6 Responses to Wait Wait

  1. Aaron says:

    I just checked out your site for the first time…both of you do amazing work, AND are funny.

    I don’t think I can express my jealousy profoundly enough. :)

  2. lbtowers says:

    Thank you Aaron. We aim to please.

  3. 100swallows says:

    You’re funny, Bill. If I didn’t suspect that there ain’t no Whiffledust book, I’d ask you where I could get a copy.

  4. wrjones says:

    Thanks Aaron.

    100swallows – I’m putting the book up on the posts a little at a time.

  5. Carol King says:

    That look is know in my circles as “the go position”. I am always in it! Your post made me laugh. And I liked your painting. She really does look like she’s going to bolt for the door.

  6. wrjones says:

    Thank you Carol. It is not hard for me to capture this particualar look as I’ve seen it so often. I don’t fully understand the psychology of it, but everytime I would say something like, “well, take off your clothes, ain’t you never been on a date before?” That would be the last time I would see them.

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