The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth

By W.R. Jones


    Listen to this story of the meek to see if you really want this guy running things.  Tom had the apartment next to mine in a southern California complex.  Tom wasn’t the meek one, he was often wild and rowdy.  As an example, I awoke one night to the sound of gun shots and noticed a bullet hole in the wall between our apartments.  When I went to investigate, Tom, extremely inebriated, was trying to shoot a cigarette out of a woman’s mouth.  The next shot he fired just missed her head and went into his kitchen cabinets.  I convinced him that this form of target practice was not an NRA event so he was wasting ammunition.  He stopped immediately. 

    Tom was tall, very handsome, and when not drinking to excess, very charming.   He used this combination of traits to pick up women, lots of them.  On more than one occasion, he would pound on my door in the middle of the night to tell me he had picked up too many, could I help him out.  I would say, “Tom, it is 3AM, I have work and school tomorrow.”  He would reply, “Ok, just leave your door unlocked and go back to bed, I’ll send one over.”

    He eventually picked a married woman who moved in with him (something he was later to regret).  This woman, while attractive was not very bright.  One evening the three of us went to a movie.  She could not follow the plot and kept asking Tom what was going on.  Finally, exasperated, he said, “Look, I can only tell you, I can’t give you the brains to understand.”

    Tom (who didn’t work) and this woman spent one summer traveling up and down the California coast staying at fine hotels and living on the credit card of the woman which was covered by her husband.  Tom and I would often speculate as to what type of fool would let his wife do this and continue to pay for it month after month.

    One summer evening, the woman’s husband showed up at Tom’s apartment and the 4 of us (Tom, the woman, her husband, and I) went to a local bar.  There the husband and I made friends with two other women and the 6 of us went back to Tom’s place.  He made a fabulous omelet.  At the end of the evening, the husband and I left with the two women and as we decended some stairs, one woman remarked to the husband, “what a nice wife you have.”  Now, here she is talking about the wife that is back in the apartment with another man.  

    The final meek straw fell the next day when Tom informed me the woman had been furious with her husband for picking up another woman in front of her and then leaving to spend the night with that woman.  She was so mad she was going to cut her husband’s allowance in half.  This, keep in mind, is the allowance from the money he earned as she didn’t work a lick.

    This guy was so meek I decided I should stick close to him, because surely, at the end of time, he was going to own EVERYTHING. 

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5 Responses to The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth

  1. 100swallows says:

    That looks like one of the sheep who has decided to inherit the earth, Bill. I never saw one look so mean. I hope you drew him through binoculars.

  2. 01varvara says:

    No, Bill drew him whilst he was sighting him in on his riflesight… was it a good mutton stew, Bill?

  3. wrjones says:

    I think he is simply annoyed, like most of my models, at the need to stand still. Maybe I should draw a little grin on him.

    I’m getting my rife sight fixed next week so I can actually see something through it. Now it does seem like I’m looking at a bunch of wool when I sight down the barrel. I’ve had rack of lamb three times in my life. It always sounded like an elegant dish so I tried it in two different restaurants and it was greasy and bad in both. I tried it one more time on a recent cruise and it was wonderful. Maybe I will shoot instead of draw the next woolly looking animal.

  4. gypsy-heart says:

    Well, I don’t know where you came from today…but maybe there is a god. It is so good to visit an art site…just as important you made me laugh!
    My only regret…I can’t join all of you on Tuesday nights. I am in Florida, and I don’t own a private jet yet.
    I loved this story…truth be known it was probably some of my relatives.
    I really will be back to visit. You have really brightened my day. (besides I liked both of your work)
    I’ll answer your comment in a bit..I ran away from my blog today. :) ~g-h.

  5. ivdanu says:

    Great story, Bill… it reminded me Kerouac and Bukowsky and the times of allan Watts…and your sheep has something Rembrandtian, made only from shadows and lights…

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