Just Club Me

By W.R. Jones

apricots.jpg  Lisa thinks we should post larger images for the sight challenged, i.e. blindies that stumble across our blog and scratch it with their white canes.

    OK – here is a contest suggested by 100swallows – see if you can spot the spelling error (damn it all anyway).

    If I ever attempt another landscape painting while standing next to a winding 2 lane highway, just club me senseless and save me some misery.  This is an apricot grove located next to road favored by every biker in the LA area.  The ungodly roar of Harley after Harley is maddening. 

    Those bike riders are apparently a lonely lot and must always travel in packs of 50 or more.  I think Van Gogh may have cut off that ear just to tone down the racket.  He must have been painting next to a winding highway.  They probably didn’t have any better mufflers in those days. 

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9 Responses to Just Club Me

  1. Lisa is right about the larger images!

    Happy New Year to you and Lisa … from one of those sight challenged blindies … now, where did I put my cane?!

  2. wrjones says:

    What is the matter with you? Don’t ever say Lisa is right. It is ok to say she might possibly, this time, have somewhat of a point.

    Happy New Year to you as well.

  3. 01varvara says:

    Hmm… I do the same myself when the artwork demands it. When I posted the mosaics and frescoes from the Spas na Krovi in Petersburg, they demanded a larger format… sometimes the expenditure in bandwidth is worth it.

    See… I did not mention Lisa at all (although I shall say that a “certain individual” is spot-on in her opinion (we women DO stick together, you know)).


  4. 100swallows says:

    I like your new header. Should we know the girl?
    And is that LA language for APRICOT on the tank? So much has changed since I left the country.

  5. wrjones says:

    Lisa is never right – and even if she is she shouldn’t be.

    I just made that face up. I don’t know why the image is showing twice. My mechanic (Lisa) is going to dig under the hood and fix it.

    CHRIST! I just noticed the spelling is wrong. Oh, lordy I may never hear the end of this. Will have to fix it later.

  6. Jana Bouc says:

    That’s hilarious–though I never would have noticed it if not pointed out by you and Lisa! Every Sunday for weeks my plein air group would set up in some fairly remote spot in one of the local regional parks (large nature preserves) and then pretty soon we’d start hearing hear rifle shots. It seems there are several rifle ranges near the SF Bay where people shoot at clay birds(?) and we managed to set up in hearing range of one of them time after time. Either that or one week there was a motorcycle club picnic in the next area to where we were (and where the bathroom was so we had to walk through the bikers to get to the port-a-pottie).

  7. wrjones says:

    The next time you have to cut through a group of bikers to go the the restroom, try taking one of their bottles of beer and giving them the finger. That should take the boredom out of a day of painting. Tell them Lisa gave you the suggestion.

  8. Preston Surface says:

    I randomly place misspelled words throughout my posts, projects, resumes, legal documents and such just for the heck of it all the time.

    Hey, you guys sure have a great talent with your paintings.


  9. 01varvara says:

    Bill… are you lying in wait to paint the fracas that would ensue if someone actually stole a biker’s brewskie and gave them the bird? This perspiring mind wants to know…

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