Merry Christmas!

by Lisa

Hope you are gathering your wits today after the shopping frenzy of late. I know I’m glad it’s over.

Late yesterday afternoon, my doorbell rang, and when I opened the door expecting to see a person (I know I’m supposed to look through the peep hole, but we live in the seventh safest city in the US.), there was only a box on my doorstep and the sound of the Fed Ex truck pulling away. The box was about 6 inches deep and say 20″ x 14″.  I stood there looking down at it thinking about whether or not I had ordered something that I’d forgotten about. There was no identifiable source on it. I have ordered many many things off the Internet, and so has my family, but I thought everything had arrived. I went to pick it up, and that was when I noticed the warning on the box: HEAVY – LIFT WITH CARE. Hmmm. Sure enough it weighed a veritable ton. I racked my brain trying to figure out what it was. It was addressed to me and I thought either I spaced and can’t remember what I ordered (it’s been known to happen) or it is a gift to me and I better not open it yet.

When my husband and son came home, we all three stood there staring at this box not knowing what was in it. Finally I decided to open it. Inside was the biggest book I have ever seen. Here is the cover:


Suddenly, I remember my dear friend Pam had told me that something would be coming to me from Amazon, but she had indicated it was a small no-big-deal something. And here arrives a tome of the entire history of the art world. It is a beautiful table book, gorgeous reproductions, and I don’t think it misses a single year. I liked my husbands quip. He said, “Gawd, are YOU in there?” Anyway, mystery solved, and it was a lovely surprise. My many thanks to Pam for a book that very quickly enlarges my collection of art books!

And with that I will say a final Merry Christmas to all of you in Cyberville. I hope all of your wishes came true.

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One Response to Merry Christmas!

  1. Janet says:

    THAT must have been fun to open, I LOVE surprises like that (but don’t get a hernia)!

    Merry Christmas!

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