The Art of the Cookie

by Lisa 

I have now entered into cookie baking mode for Christmas–another one of the art forms that I take very seriously and that provides one more distraction from painting.  I am the type of neurotic that has trouble buying gifts for people feeling that if I make gifts, others will think it came from my heart, and will like me better, and will never know how much bitching and moaning went into the process. I have no painting to show today, but I will be displaying a beautiful platter of cookies soon.

Then there is the upcoming party at the Art Institute on Wednesday night from 6 – 9. Last year I somehow became the main hostess for the party providing decorations, punch, appetizer, cookies, dishes, beer, wine, and clean up services. Its beginning to look like the same scenario this year.  Hope everyone in the vicinity can make it. It’s suppose to be potluck, or bring a bottle of wine. Okay. I did my job to promote. Let’s hope for the best.

I am always so exhausted by the time Christmas arrives. My favorite week of the entire year is the one between Christmas and New Year’s because I refuse to do a thing but read. This year I am getting a new plein air easel (I’d better or Santa is in a heap o’ trouble), and I intend to do a lot of painting. 

I hope Bill is riding 30 foot swells and upchucking Baked Alaska.

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6 Responses to The Art of the Cookie

  1. Janet says:

    So, when will we see these cookies? I’m hungry!

  2. kevmoore says:

    Cookies. You just had to mention them. Now I shall have to apologise unreservedly for any smart-assed comments I may have inadvertently made and be your friend.

    Perhaps Bill took a few movies with him to take his mind off any possible bad weather on his cruise, you know, Poseidon Adevnture, Titanic…The Triangle mini-series, that sort of thing.

  3. Susan says:

    Lisa: Christmas is “work” spelled backwards. Do you think the
    great painters of the ages took time out to “make merry” this time of
    year. I think not…I just looked at your slide show and it reminded me why I need
    to paint more. No cookies for me “sucking out my creative juices”. You are a
    constant source of inspiration. Thank you. Susan

  4. Carol King says:

    I love cookies.

  5. lbtowers says:

    You’re right no more Mr. Nice Guy Painter With the Cookies next Christmas. (But I love cookies too.)

  6. 01varvara says:

    For me, it is not cookies, but varennyki (what Poles call pierogi). God, those little sour cream-coated sliders disappear in a trice. For cookies, I tend to stick to khrovosti (fried in LARD and dusted in icing sugar) and walnut-filled rugelach (not quite cookies, but close enough!).

    I agree. Christmas is a marathon for all women. When it is over… please, pass the “real thing” (Coca-cola? Do NOT blaspheme… Vodka!).


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