Santa Santa Santa, Lookit

By W.R. Jones

mychristmastree.jpg Santa, I have selected this to be my Chrismas tree this year.  Don’t swing by the house, OK?

    Yes I know it is not a traditional looking tree but think of this, the reindeer can rest and stoke up on some of this fine grass.  You can warm your fat butt for awhile and I will leave a thermos of coffee along with a ham and cheese sandwich in the crook of the tree. 

    I’ve decided to include a photo of what I expect demand to find under this tree on Christmas morn.


    I thought perhaps with a photo those miscreant elves of yours might not screw it up like they did last year, and the year before that, and the year before that….

All my love,


PS – I have been a very good boy all year.

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7 Responses to Santa Santa Santa, Lookit

  1. kevmoore says:

    Bill, I cant help noticing that you’ve lowered your expectations in the Harley department….

  2. wrjones says:

    Thanks, eagle eye. I was hoping that would go by unnoticed. Now I’ve got to lower my head, lip quivering and get the butterfly tattoo instead of the death head.

    Or, I could ride my scooter up to the local biker bar, go in, drink a glass of milk, and kick ass.

    Na, I think I’ll get the butterfly and ride my scooter to the library. I’m wondering what color helmet I should wear with my new leather tights.

  3. kevmoore says:

    Mmmm….Salmon pink? perhaps you could get matching Louis Vuitton panniers.

  4. wrjones says:

    Yes yes yes. The girls down at the salon are going to shit and fall back in it.

  5. kevmoore says:

    Bill, I have some of the most disturbing images in my head right now…..I think we’d better revise the decision and go back to manly black.

  6. wrjones says:

    That black does look good. I’m going to get me a black wallet with a silver chain to hold all my money while I ride.

    I will look like a combo biker/trucker.

  7. kevmoore says:

    Bill, thought I’d better give you the heads up on this; there appears to be some French bird waiting for you over at cafe crem

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