Work Those Fingers To The Bone

By W.R. Jones

candeloneasel.jpg And what do you get – bony fingers.

    I was going to paint yesterday (Sunday) but instead spent most of the time making miniature easels like the example shown here.  This is a 5″x7″ painting to illustrate the easel size. 

    I was having them made for me but the woman wanted $90 each so I decided to do it myself.   Now I know why she wanted $90.  My nephew was watching me stain a few and asked why did I not create a small assembly line and mass produce them.  I don’t wish to be in the easel business.  I don’t want to be in any business, I want to retire.  

    According to an article I read in the Sunday paper, I need $2 million to retire.  Sheee-it.  You people are going to have to step up your purchases.  Let’s do the math.  Two thousand paintings at $1000 each and I’m out of here.   The only way this is going to work is if we have some type of pyramid scheme.  Here is what we could do; you buy one and ask (no TELL) each of your friends and aunts, uncles, etc. to buy one.

    I asked a woman at the gym to support me.  I point blank told her I was weary and someone should take care of me.  To my complete surprise she said yes.  She said, in her opinion, some of those cardboard boxes and designer shopping carts made for a very classy lifestyle completely suited to my personality.

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8 Responses to Work Those Fingers To The Bone

  1. This is a feel good story Bill. Glad you shared it with us. Remember is not about the miniture easels; its about you and the way you attract kindness into your life by spreading kindness.
    Kind Regards,

  2. kevmoore says:

    Bill, I can sense that you and I are kindred spirits, bound by the Wal-Mart code. I, too, was shocked to discover the cost of miniature easels, and resolved to roll up my sleeves and churn out legions of them at no expense to myself. I laughed in the face of the multinational corporations that would collapse due to my refusal to particpate in their “give us lots of money and we will give you an easel” schemes. I made two.
    Whilst I am pleased with my simplicity of design, I am, genetically, crap at D.I.Y. and felt, halfway in, covered in paint, having accidentally put hinges on my third and fourth fingers and nailed my foot to the floor, that I would be prepared to give somebody my children if they would just provide me with a finished easel.
    Light at the end of the tunnel has arrived, however, following my recent discovery; My easel design has a built in Multi-use option. I’ll be posting details in the Coffee Cup Club soon….

  3. 100swallows says:

    You must reduce your needs, Bill. Any philosopher will tell you that. Start by moving into a barrel. I will sell you a good one for half the money you say you need.

  4. wrjones says:

    Well, I myself am very skilled in all aspects of the DIY world. Not counting, of course, the time I epoxied the puzzle to a friend’s table, or that time I inadvertently sawed a bit of the edge off our round oak kitchen table, or that time I did a little plumbing and had to pay $3000 to repair the damage I caused, or that time I poked a hole in the ceiling, or that small fire, or that little bleach spill. This shit could happen to anybody.

    My needs are pretty reduced 100s. Some cheese and crackers and a nap. The barrel does sound upscale compared to the cardboard box my sugar mama provides.

  5. Carol King says:

    Really? 2 million dollars to retire????? Damn! So far I just have Lotto and megamillions and my retirement program.

  6. wrjones says:

    Lotto eh? Are you feeling lucky? Call me collect if you hit. You are going to need a companion; I’m your man. Think of it. Traveling the world on the finest cruise ships stopping to paint in exotic locations.

    Now remember, should you hit the lotto, don’t start thinking of family call me.

  7. ivdanu says:

    Bill, I’ve bought easel like that at dollarama, 1 buck a piece (for a show I had with my pupils…) !As for 2 milions to retire… cammon! I have no retirement plan, no savings and I don’t count on other thing than on Canadians not to change their social program… But, except for a thing or two, I’m free… I buy some lotto ticket from time to time, just to have the right to dream a bit until I found out the results… Eventually, life is good… I don’t count on selling too much paintings either…That way I can paint all the horrid things I have envy to paint… Sometimes I even paint nice things… Following exclusively my moods…

  8. wrjones says:

    Ivdanu, if you can find another easel like this please let me know. Having made them it is hard for me to believe they can sell for a $1 even if made offshore. They are cherry, oak, walnut, or mahogany H frame easels. If you can find a supply of these for $1 I will by them by the 100’s if not 1000’s.

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