Teacher Torture

by Lisa 

I have a blanket apology to make. The other day, I got a bit cranky in my Wednesday afternoon class. My brand new camera was missing. Okay, it was a blip in my memory as to what I had done with it, but mind you, not to know where my brand new camera was, and thousands of dollars worth of lenses, made me a tad edgy. I snapped a few times, when students weren’t painting fast enough to feed my frenzy, or made strokes not quite like I would have. Bad bad teacher. I hope they know I really love them, and even though it seemed a bit harsh when I jumped up and down and screamed at them, it may have even done them some good. They tend to remember incidents that make the teacher hysterical, and strive hard not to make the same mistakes that created the mayhem.

My camera was found at home (I could have SWORN I left it in my trunk), and State Farm was relieved. So were my students since the discovery was made before class ended. I hope they show up next week.

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5 Responses to Teacher Torture

  1. Chris Page says:

    Apology accepted. And I wasn’t even there!

  2. Lynn says:

    Ok you two, I got outa my hammock and have a new post on my blog. Thanks for the compliments as well as the inspiration…(or was it a kick in the pants?!) Here tis, hope you don’t mind that I mentioned ya’ll….


    Hey Lisa I tried the “eBay thang” before too. Found that if I write an interesting little story about the piece (ok, ok, so I wrote a big fat lie) that it helped to sell it. People seemed to like the story as much as the picture, so hell, give em a good one! Same thing with the title…Try it! But no, sadly, I never got rich on eBay. Not yet anyway,….

  3. Janet says:

    I haven’t gotten rich on eBay either, just tired of the shipping and sometimes chasing after the payment. Why is it that people bid on something then it’s like pulling teeth to get payment from them?!!! Ah, just griping!

    I’m jealous of Lynn … Hawaii???? Italy???? Brazil????

    Janet :-)

  4. kevmoore says:

    ebay is a vice. I spent a year collecting various pieces of a rare guitar on there, and its taken me a further two years to find someone who can put it together for me. But hey! It was a bargain!
    ((((tries to smile through clenched teeth)))))

  5. wrjones says:

    I may have a piece for your guitar. It was left over after I “fixed” my carburetor. I don’t know what it does but it might sound good if you were to drop down that hole and shake it.

    By the way, does your rock band need a groupie manager? You know, someone to take down their names, addresses, etc. This is an important position. I know because there is a country and western song where (Hank Williams Jr. I think) sings he Odeed in Denver and just can’t remember her name.

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