Miniature Figurine

by Lisa


    Mea Culpa, my miniature is now available for purchase via auction.  I said it would be up last night, but I lied. Try again please, and bid, bid, bid.  You can find the auction by searching ‘Miniature Daily Oil Painting by Lisa Towers’ or open the Miniatures Currently For Sale page on the side bar here, under Pages/Lisa Pages and click on view auction.

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4 Responses to Miniature Figurine

  1. What a great idea to auction Lisa. I know Bill through the Cafe Crem site and am using blog surfer to follow everyone’s posts. Also this is a beauty too!

  2. lbtowers says:

    Thank you Michael, I’ll check you out when I got a chance. Bill, through the “cafe Crem site”??? Is he cheating on me?

  3. kevmoore says:

    Can you get it with a different hat?

  4. wrjones says:

    You should be able to. The material cost can’t be much above 25 cents and Lisa has a LOT of free time so let’s say she gets $5.00/hr, the total should not come to more than half a rock ($0.50)

    What color and style did you have in mind?

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