This Area Contains Known Cancer Causing Agents

By W.R. Jones

branch.jpg  That’s right, this area has stuff that can cause cancer, sunlight, radon gas, etc.  So why is it not tagged to warn us?  Who can we sue?  Who knows a real bulldog attorney that will go after the ranchers in this area for not posting a warning on that branch?

    As I exited my car at the gym yesterday I noted a sticker in the window of a new car parked next to me.  The sticker carried the warning that this car contained chemicals known to cause cancer. 

    What the hell!  I would like to cut the branch in this painting and switch the stupid asses of each and every senator and representive in the state and federal governments.  What does that sticker accomplish except to enrich sticker printers and the car salesmen who will add an extra charge above the cost of the sticker.  Are you going to see that warning and not get in the car?  Maybe you can ride on the hood.  Or, you could ride a bike or a horse to work, but then you would have a much longer time to breath in those auto fumes and the extra sun exposure would certainly bring on skin cancer.

    The stupidity of the lawmakers is really quite incredible.  Just thinking of those useless, expensive, arrogant asses going home after work feeling they have contributed to the good of the people is giving me stomach cancer. 

    Years ago I was working for a military contract firm when those cancer warning signs first appeared on the buildings of the complex.  As I read it the first time I had the sinking feeling I was already screwed.  It took awhile for the adminstration of the buildings to convince me it had no meaning as California now required it posted on all buildings.  Then I thought what good is it if it is on every building?   We have to say outside now?  Those poor people in the east are going to freeze their fannies during winter.

     This complex had some serious chemicals.  One day I left work a tad (2 hours – it was Friday for gosh sakes) early.  On that day a blue mist decended from some secret lab on the floor above down to the lab I should have been working in and got on the skin of the one female and five males who had not skipped out like me.  The fire department was called and had all 6 strip naked to be hosed down while standing outside in the chilly night air.  They then had them dress in paper clothes and took them to the local hospital.  The hospital refused to accept them.  The contractor would not say what the chemical/s were, they only said don’t worry it won’t hurt you.   Anyway, they had that sticker on the door, those others should have left the building like me.

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4 Responses to This Area Contains Known Cancer Causing Agents

  1. lbtowers says:

    Gee Bill, I think your panties are in a wad today.

  2. 100swallows says:

    Don’t you let them put a sign on your nice branch.

  3. wrjones says:

    As the world population explodes the number of morons without a shred of common sense rises exponentially. Many of this group seem to end up making laws.

    So I expect in the near future to find a sticker on this branch warning of the danger of poking your eye out and saying Made in China. There will probably be a bar code as well.

    I’m beginning to sound like Debbie Downer.

    The good news about being old is I am not concerned with global warming. Lisa can take care of that mess. She should start walking to work.

  4. Idetrorce says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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