End Of The Fence

By WR Jones


    As I remember it – boy, this is a wide open statement for someone with my memory.  I could just as easily start talking about a popcorn ball fight at the Roxy when I was 10.   But, I’m having a moment of lucidity here, this is a painting of a fence in Idaho.

    Another windy fall day.  I do remember reading the paper that morning in this town of 900 souls.  There was an especially good deal on a house on a corner lot.  It was something on the order of 2700 sq ft and they only wanted $485,000.   What the hell?  A town in Idaho?   This clearly is a sign of major overpopulation in the USA.  I don’t see any other explanation as to how such an undesireable place can bring prices like this.  In the same paper I saw a condo for $4,000,000 and a lot for $6,000,000.  Of course, these were in nearby (25 miles) Jackson, Wy, a resort town.  Still, I’m thinking, this may be a major meth distribution center.  How else can you account for all that money?

   I was beside myself with the smell of such wealth.  I was sure I could unload this piece to one of these wealthy landowners.  I went door to door polishing my sales technique with every rejection.  Finally, near the end of that long day, I hit.  I found some fool who would take this painting off my hands if I would rake his leaves.  There you go, a win win deal.  I sold the piece, sort of, anyway it is out of my hands; he got his leaves raked, and I got my exercise without having to pay $15 at the local gym.

   And some folks say I’m losing it.

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5 Responses to End Of The Fence

  1. 100swallows says:

    I like this one, Bill. Fragment though it is, it sets me daydreaming as well as a big Constable.
    I would have had you rake my leaves twice to pay you for it.

  2. wrjones says:

    Thanks. Wow, I’m beside myself, rake ’em twice. I’ve been looking for just such an art patron. It is kinda like having my own Pope. I’ll be off now to get started on a bunch of new pieces before you change your mind.

  3. cantueso says:

    And though I know it is a silly question to ask, here it is: “Is this a true story?” (as if there were not more merit in it if it had been invented as a parable). And yet I felt like asking because, judged by the picture, you are no spring chicken anymore, and yet would still believe that you can sell a painting to your neighbours?

    Instead of comparing the price of your painting to that of a house, you should find out how much they paid for that poster of a Klimt.

  4. wrjones says:

    Hell, I’m not even an autumn chicken. Na, it’s not true. Mostly I try to avoid the neighbors as they are pissed at me for stealing their flowers for still life setups. They are so intolerant.

  5. 100swallows says:

    Thanks for exposing this winter chicken, cantueso.

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