A Portrait Of Jenny

By W.R. Jones

jenny-post.jpg  Jenny is one of my daughter’s friends I painted several years ago.  Most of it is made up as I worked from a small snapshot.  I had my daughter pose holding the scarf in an attempt to add some interest to the piece.  I originally was going to have Jenny on the deck of a sailboat but had no idea what that would look like so I went to a rock wall instead.   Those boaters are really a selfish lot.  At the marina, every single person I asked if I could borrow their boat turned me down.  And from the looks I got when I asked, I don’t think they were even giving consideration to the proposition.   

    This piece caught my eye this morning as I’m looking forward to a December cruise where I’m going to eat and drink my way through the Panama Canal.  I was wondering if I should update my inoculations but figured if I don’t leave the lounge the mosquitoes will have a hard time finding me. 


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5 Responses to A Portrait Of Jenny

  1. Mish Lee says:

    I like this one. The scarf is a nice touch, makes a nice contrast against the pink and grayish-blues.

    People can be touchy when it comes to their “babies”.

  2. wrjones says:

    Thanks – I understand the mother liked the piece. I was not there as my daughter delivered the painting to the family in another city. Of course, my baby may have lied to me to keep me in an upbeat mood while she worked me for a new pair of shoes, purse, etc.

  3. grfxho says:

    No, I’m sure they liked it. It’s a very nice painting.

  4. wrjones says:

    Hey, good to hear from you. I was about to send out an internet Amber alert.

  5. grfxho says:

    I’m a bit old for an Amber alert, I think. For some reason, I thought you had to be a minor (not miner).

    I went computer-free (although not cell phone, video game, or TV -free) for the weekend. Now I’m playing catch-up.

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