Burning Leaves

By WR Jones

backofthestudio.jpg  I finished two small paintings yesterday but was unable to take photos because the smoke from the California fires blocked the light.  So I went downstairs and drank instead.  Now I don’t know if the drink or the smoke gave me this headache.

    When I did this study in Idaho the wind was blowing to the point I had to hold on to the easel while painting.  But the wind here yesterday, last night, and this morning is much worse.  Outside of work is a MESS of large broken tree limbs in the street.  You have to weave your way down the road.  It is hard to image facing fires in this wind but that’s what those firefighters are doing.

    The smell of the smoke reminds me of burning leaves as a child.  Every fall we would rake the leaves into a pile then burn them on a crisp autumn evening and roast marshmellows over the fire.  I think that practice ended years ago; in most areas of the country anyway. 

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4 Responses to Burning Leaves

  1. Ramona says:

    Great cow, Bill, but where did you hide the rocks?!

  2. 100swallows says:

    I probably would have done the same as you: cut off the bottom half of the picture with the damn cow and saved the best part, which was the rooftops and sky. I have to take the wind on faith. Maybe there are weather people who would tell you that only wind makes that kind of sky—I don’t know. Wind and the artist, of course.
    It could also be that you were painting a chicken that had flown up onto the barn roof and you made a mess of him because he kept moving, as chickens will. So you painted a tree over him. But in either case we got that pretty sky.

    And as to the leaves—weren’t those the days, Gramps? When I was a kid we used to pile up all the leaves and jump on the heap or make a “house”, which was only the floorplan, with the leaves marking off “rooms”. As far as I know, that practise has disappeared and the kids have all grown up.

    I hope your headache is gone. Maybe you chose the wrong wine to accompany your crow. Confucius has a saying on this: “Painterman that mix crow black with wine red feel ultramarine blue.”

  3. wrjones says:

    I had a kink in my neck so just painted looking up.
    Can you send me a bottle of that headache free wine?

  4. wrjones says:

    You just wait Ramona until you see the brutal punishment I took to paint you a
    new cow.

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