Carhartt – Dress For Style Or Comfort?

By W.R. Jones

morningmoon.JPG  I was painting this scene by the side of a canyon road in Wyoming early one morning when a family of cowboys came riding by.   I know they were cowboys, and cow mother I guess, because they were looking for their cattle roaming free in this rather wild area.  However, they did not look the part.  There was grandpa, mom and dad, and two boys, one a teenager and the other preteen.   Grandpa had on a greasy pair of bib unionalls that made him look like he should be under an old auto in gasoline alley.  None of them had on proper cowboy hats; they all wore billed hats with ear flaps.  Grandpa and the preteen wore spurs but not cowboy boots.

    This was a chilly morning and my painting hand kept getting too cold and stiff to hold the brush so every 10 minutes or so I put my hand in my pocket with one of those hand warmer bags you buy at sporting goods stores.   There was a young woman and her mother painting not far from me and I noticed the young woman was wearing bib overalls similar to the “cowboys”.  I made a comment about this to her (yep, being me, it was probably a smart aleck remark).   They were from Connecticut and knew about dressing for comfort; she told me they were insulated Carhartts and very warm.

    I liked the sound of “very warm” and the thought of dressing like a cowboy so the next day I started looking for clothing stores that carried Carhartt.  I did not find any until I came down from the mountains and back to warmer weather.  By then I had lost interest in dressing for warmth and returned to my normal dapper clothing interests. 

    Still, the next time I go painting in the mountains or looking for cattle (which might be soon as I just got another critque of my Cows or Rocks painting)  look for me to be wearing Carhartts and a cap with earflaps.

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