Small Town Or Big City, Where Do You Like To Paint?

By WR Jones

arizona.JPGI was in this Idaho town of 1100 taking advantage of the shopping opportunities such a megapolis affords; I walked into a small store selling fly fishing gear and was totally surprised to find a flyer advertising a weekly drawing/painting session with a model. 

     It is often hard to find someone to model in an area as large as LA.  The schools that use models use the same people over and over and over until it is a mental chore to work up a desire to paint them yet again.  This boredom can lead a person to painting landscape in Idaho.

     A small rural town is often classified as being layed back.  I’ve come to understand it as undependable.  My car door stuck shut so I asked at a gas station for directions to a body shop.  “Oh there is a good one just down the road.”  When I arrived it was about 8:30AM and the shop was closed.  I called to ask for opening time and got a surly woman who told me normally 9:00AM but they might be in around 2:00PM.  I went back at 2:00PM.  Still closed, I called again and got a message telling me to call the number that I was calling.  I asked at a nearby business for directions to another body shop.  “Oh there is a new one just down the road, pretty good I hear.”  When I drove to that shop (last chance here, remember town of 1100 total) it was closed.  This was a Tuesday at 2:30PM.  I asked at a Subaru repair shop next door where I might get my door fixed.  He handed me a card to the closed body shop.  I said it is closed.  He said, “Ya, I think they went to Idaho Falls for the day.  They should be back tomorrow.”  I fixed the door myself.     

   The town did have a great grocery store except that is closed on Sunday.

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2 Responses to Small Town Or Big City, Where Do You Like To Paint?

  1. grfxho says:

    Bold strokes… great profile. I like this one.

  2. wrjones says:

    Thanks – I’ll give you some insiteful comments on your posts as soon as you stop writing about sports.

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