Cattle or Rocks?

By WR Jones

angus.JPG I did this small study of Angus while on a recent painting trip.  They were in a canyon in Wyoming.  Someone made fun of me saying he couldn’t tell if they were rocks or cows.   I guess he had a valid concern.  Actually I don’t think the shapes are that far off.  One was lying down, one facing away and getting up, and the nearest was standing in a dip with head down feeding.  

    These are COWS not ROCKS.  Maybe I should repaint that first cow to make it clear.  The next time I’m going to tell her to pick her head up and hold still.

     I was alone in this canyon and wondering about bears.  This is in the Teton area and there are bears around somewhere.  I thought if these cows start running, I’m going with them. 

    This was one of the few “nice” (as we Californians define it) days of the trip.  There was a lot of cold, wind, rain, and snow which I will whine about later.

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