by Lisa

     I was recently looking at the above portrait that I did of a peasant woman  who looked …well…shall we say…not happy.  Nor did she look happy. It reminded me of a time some years ago when a friend of mine got really angry at me and furiously criticized me for painting unhappy children. I was certainly sorry I had gone out of my way to show her my work previously. I began to look at portraits by the greats looking for happy or unhappy faces. If someone is simply staring out, it seems to me they look neither. You would not paint anyone with a frown. A sitter would have as hard a time holding a frown as they would holding a smile. We simply paint people with relaxed faces. Therefore, I feel I am safe in concluding that my “friend” can go screw herself since I do not paint unhappy children.

     In the example above, this woman’s face was relaxed, but it had been weathered into the expression you see. That is what I found so interesting about her. What do you all think? Does she look unhappy?

     There Bill. (I got roundly scolded for not posting daily. Mister high and mighty will be back from his painting adventure this week.)

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